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I recently shot a commercial lifestyle photoshoot for the hotel Voco Orchard Singapore, a newly opened concept in the heart of the city.
Together with the team at Coco Creative Studio, I helped the client capture impactful images that speak to the establishment’s audience.

The Team and Crew for this Lifestyle Hotel Photoshoot

Within this full day shoot, a total of 12 setups were done to showcase the different aspects of the hotel. These ranged from dining experiences, to room interiors and fun poolside shots.
In a commercial lifestyle photoshoot like this, agencies often engage the services of other professionals. Aside from the ten member crew involved in the process of setting up the shots and capturing the photos, the studio also helped the client source for external services. We managed the casting of the talents that appeared in the images, and the hiring of the make-up artists and stylists to dress and style them.
In this shoot, we recruited stylist Gabby Gabbana, make-up artist June Goh, our three talents plus one lovely family, as well as the employees and management of Voco Orchard to help bring everything together.

Gear and Props Behind a Commercial Lifestyle Photoshoot

In these shoots, clients can request for help in sourcing for prop or set designers to create the ideal backdrop or atmosphere in their pictures.
However, as this shoot was an in-location one focused on showing off the environment and ambiance of the hotel, no additional props or set design were required.
I used a medium format camera in this shoot- I usually like to use these cameras for commercial advertisement shoots as they have the highest resolution in the market, and great quality image.
The camera used here is the Fujifilm GFX 100S, alongside the Peak Design tripod, and the Peak Design slide camera strap, all products that we use at Coco Creative Studio.
You can read my reviews on these products on my website.


COCO Creative Studio Team:
Director & Photographer: Jose Jeuland
Producer: Dionne Leow
Photographer Assistant: Valerie Phee
Photographer Assistant: Nanda
Stylist: Gabby
Stylist Assistant: Dai Jia Wei
HMUA: June
HMUA Assistant: Jennifer
Video Crew: Benny, Nicodemus
Talents: Eunice, Lisah, Afiq, and the family
Tripod + strap: Peak Design (Streamcast Asia Pte Ltd, OST Singapore)
Tethering: Tether Tools
Software: Capture One Pro
Camera and lenses: Fujifilm GFX 100S + GF lenses

You can visit my commercial and corporate page on my website or on COCO Creative Studio’s website.

With this video, I hope to have given you a glimpse of what goes on during a commercial lifestyle photography shoot.
A similar project that Coco Creative Studio and I have worked on includes a photoshoot for Intercontinental Hotel Singapore, a 5 star luxury hotel in the Bugis district. If you’d like to see more of what we have done, here is another look into a commercial lifestyle photoshoot – this behind-the-scenes video of our shoot at Intercontinental.

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