Thaipusam – Little India, Singapore

Photography Project by Jose Jeuland
In Singapore, Thaipusam is a major Hindu religious festival that lasts for 2 days. Earmarked by an annual long procession, traffic on the roads are cleared to make way for the huge crowd of Hindu devotees converging for their annual processional march. A festival marked for thanksgiving, the devotees march 4km from Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple.

Thaipusam Sinagpore, the hallmark of this festival procession are the devotees who carry “Kavadis”, with some at the ultimate test of physical sacrifice allow metal to pierce their skins as they bear the Kavadi. It is believed that when the mind is empty of all thoughts of material wealth, that a devotee would be able to carry out this test without feeling physical pain.

Documentary Photography on this Hindu Festival in Singapore:

Always attracted by distinct cultures and tradition, Jose made sure he documented Thaipusam in Singapore through his cameras.

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