Kalbelia Gypsy – Rajasthan, India

Photography Project by Jose Jeuland

Selling Prints To Support My Gypies Friends

Dear Friends,

Last November, I went to Rajasthan to document the Pushkar Camel Fair and to cover a travel Story of Rajasthan for a travel magazine.
One other goal during this trip was to establish contacts with a particular group of Gypsies “ The Kalbelia “ – since I was planning to do a documentary about them.

Two months ago, I was supposed to travel there again for my documentary about The Kalbelia Gypsy and join two other major Gypsy events but due to the delivery process has caused a delay that I was not able to do so. Hopefully, in the future next time.

I met some families, particularly Veeram and Santosh with their 6 kids.

During the current lockdown, these families are struggling to buy food and are going through a difficult period. They have very limited income to support their families. Most of them are doing small jobs, playing music, and dancing for people.

Before the lockdown, I was planning to request people around me to kindly donate if they have any old or unused clothing, bedsheet covers, make-up, shoes, etc so that I can arrange to pass to them in my next travel. Looking at the current situation, it would not be possible for me to do so.
Here are some images I have taken while I was there – these are random shots:

To support them, I’m planning to sell fine art prints and set photo prints at an affordable price.

All the proceedings (excluding shipping cost + print cost) will go to them directly. To note* – I will not be incurring any $ for this *

Fine Art Print 30cm x 40 cm signed
For Singapore: USD 40 (SGD56) – shipping included (Link: https://www.josejeuland.com/product/fine-art-print-30cm-x-40-cm-signed-for-singapore-delivery/)
For Overseas: USD 50 – shipping included (Link: https://www.josejeuland.com/product/fine-art-print-30cm-x-40-cm-signed-for-overseas-delivery/)

Or for a small budget:
A set of 5 photographs printed on photo paper in 5R size.
For Singapore: USD 18 (SGD 25) – shipping included (Link: https://www.josejeuland.com/product/set-5-photo-prints-in-r5-size-from-singapore-delivery/)
For Overseas: USD 25 – shipping included (Link: https://www.josejeuland.com/product/set-5-photo-prints-in-r5-size-for-overseas-delivery/)

If you are keen to make a kind contribution, feel free to select the images by sending me an email at studio@cococreativestudio.com.

You are free to donate more should you feel like you want to provide the extra help for them.

Alternatively, please refer to the links to make the order and purchase directly.

Thank You!

mom and baby Gypsy Kalbelia tribe nomad Rajasthan India Documentary Photography Jose Jeuland Photographer print fine art


She was the first member of the family that I’ve met. She approached me to have a chat and we spend some time together. She applied henna on both my hands and brought me to her camp that she and her husband were living and introduced me to her family members. It was then I met her husband Veeram.

portrait Gypsy Kalbelia tribe nomad Rajasthan India Documentary Photography Jose Jeuland Photographer print fine art


Veeram is an interesting individual. He speaks basic English but is very resourceful. My wish to document the Kalbelia Gypsy came from various short videos I saw – In one of the videos, he was one of the main characters like the intermediary.

Selling Prints To Support My Gypies Friends

  • Fine Art Print 30cm x 40 cm signed for overseas delivery

  • Fine Art Print 30cm x 40 cm signed for Singapore delivery

  • Set 5 photo prints in R5 size for overseas delivery

  • Set 5 photo prints in R5 size for Singapore delivery


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Contact information about The Kalbelia Gypsy – Rajasthan, India:

To contact Jose regarding the selling prins to support the Kalbelia Gypsy group, his upcoming Gypsy project, contributions to editorials or other matters, you may reach him through the contact page or through his Creative Studio arm at studio@cococreativestudio.com.