Myanmar – Golden Land

Photography Project by Jose Jeuland
Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia. It was formerly known as Burma. Myanmar shares its border with India, Bangladesh, China, Laos, and Thailand. It is essentially a Buddhist country with a large population of Buddhist monks. Myanmar is also called the Golden Land.
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Travel and Documentary Photography of Myanmar – Golden Land

The country is beautiful and enchanting and is a haven for photographers. It has a varied ethnic population.

In 2018, a fourteen day expedition to Myanmar was taken, along the Irrawaddy River from Yangoon to Mandalay. Sailing on the Irrawaddy river was a wonderful experience, where one can witness new places and offerings each day. The Golden Land is beautiful and has mesmerising views with mountains, rivers and verdant valleys. Thus making one feel closer to nature. Additionally, documenting the landscape, villages, people and the architecture of the temples was unique.

A noticeable aspect all over Myanmar was the use of Thanaka. Thanaka is the bark of a tree and the people of Myanmar use it for cosmetic purposes. The people of Myanmar smear the powder on their face and sometimes their arms. It protects the skin from sunburn and can also help in treating acne. People in Myanmar are polite, humble and are friendly towards foreigners. During my travel I spent a lot of time photographing and documenting people and capturing the local highlights.

Myanmar – Golden Land In The Media

Jose’s travel and documentary photography project on Myanmar – Golden Land has been featured in the media.

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