Pushkar Camel Fair, India – 2019

Photography Project by Jose Jeuland
The trip to Pushkar was undertaken in November 2019. It was a last-minute travel decision. Pushkar is a small town located about 150 kilometres southwest of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Most of the temples and ghats of the Pushkar Lake date back to the 18th century.
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  • KUMBH MELA – Allahabad, India


Photographing The Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar is known for its Camel Fair which is held annually. It is a very famous festival and thousands of people including locals and tourists attend the festival. The Pushkar Camel Fair was originally held to attract local camel and cattle traders during the holy Kartik Purnima (full moon) festival, which is held in the Hindu lunar month of Kartik. Over the years, this fair has gained popularity and become a major tourist attraction.

There were farmers camping on the site with their camels, some had also brought along their families for company. It was a peculiar sight, most of the camels were adorned in different colours, hair design, and henna. Camels are also available for rides, for locals and tourists to roam around the Mela (fair). The local men were wearing turbans on their heads and the women covered themselves with regional scarves.

Besides the camel fair, there are a lot of other activities, where people try to make a living from a very young age, by contributing to the entertainment at the fair. Other attractions include horse dancing, tattoo artists, balancing acts such as rope walking, well of death, music and dancing, etc. There was a wide variety of food and drinks available at the festival and they were all very delicious.

Photographing and shooting videos was very challenging at the fair. There were not only thousands of people but also many photographers present at the fair, which made it quite difficult to get aesthetic shots. Witnessing this celebration was beautiful. It was rich in colours and authenticity. It was a unique travel experience.

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