Tibetan Autonomous Region – West Sichuan, China

Photography Project by Jose Jeuland
Having waited a long while before embarking on his highly anticipated trip to the Tibetan Autonomous Region in western Sichuan, José Jeuland was ready to be immersed in the culture and life there. Located near India, China and Nepal, the Tibet Autonomous Region is a blend of its own unique culture that is influenced by its neighbouring countries.
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Travel and Documentary Photography of The Autonomous Region of Tibet

As José explored the land, he set his sight on the free spirited kids with cute rosy cheeks and folks working hard in the fields. People there are filled with vitality and strength amidst the harsh weather and living conditions. The place is filled with temples and monasteries and the people are devout buddhists. They lead simples lives and are devoted to their strong religious beliefs. Donning comfortable and conservative clothes, they shield themselves from the harsh weather while making a statement with their individual styles. The natives are welcoming and hospitable, making them enjoyable to be around as they make you feel comfortable as a visitor.
Roaming along the streets, José saw monks in coloured robes walking about and people holding prayer wheels. The place is indeed rich in its own unique culture and traditions that have been around for many generations. Colourful prayer flags fly high and visibly in the wind which are seen in many places around the area as they hold great significance to the natives. Red seems to be a prominent colour which is related to life force and preservation in Buddhism.

Countryside, mountains, and view of  the Tibetan Autonomous Region

Along the green pastures are yaks and sometimes sheep and goats grazing the fields. You see the countryside with mountains, hills and other rocky terrains that makes up the scenic view of the landscape of the Tibetan Autonomous Region.
Agriculture is the native’s main industry and food is vital for them especially because of the country’s cold climate. It keeps them warm and give them sufficient energy to carry out their activities for the day. Houses are made of stones, soil and other raw materials and people live in small block houses clustered around the land, filled with colourful ornaments and decorations. Some houses are tucked away in remote areas, away from the city and roads, and closer to the vast nature that the place has to offer.

Tibet China Jose Jeuland Fujifilm GFX 50R x photographer travel documentary photography

Wu Jin Ba Mu, 39

ཝུ ཇིནབ མུ

She is the mom of the family where Jose was staying.

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  • End Of A Work Day In The Mountains – Tibetan Autonomous Region

  • Ice Blue Mountains – Tibetan Autonomous Region

  • Light From The Window, Temple – Tibetan Autonomous Region

  • Monk In His Prayer Room

  • Monk Walking In The Snow

  • The Red Wall – Tibetan Autonomous Region

  • Tibetan Flags By The Lake – Tibetan Autonomous Region

  • Woman Farmer In The Mountains – Tibetan Autonomous Region


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The Autonomous Region of Tibet In The Media

Photography Exhibition – The Autonomous Region of Tibet

This series was exhibited at Fujifilm Studio Singapore in February 2019. (https://www.josejeuland.com/fujifilm-studio-sinagpore-x-photographer-exhibition/)

Jose is hoping to produce his photos taken in The Autonomous Region of Tibet as a photography exhibition on a larger scale in the coming months.

He also hopes to publish a photography book based on his travel and documentary of the The Autonomous Region of Tibet.

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