Longevity Okinawa, Japan – Centenarian’s Secrets

Photography Project by Jose Jeuland
In early 2017, Jose embarked on a trip to Okinawa for his latest photography project: Longevity Okinawa, Japan – Centenarians Secrets. His photography subjects were between the ages of 89 to 106. What sparked his interest in visiting Okinawa can be traced back to an article he read 12 years ago on the health and longevity of the inhabitants of Okinawa. Since that day, the idea of longevity, no matter how impossible it may seem, has always intrigued Jose.

In Longevity Okinawa (centenarians), a series of portraits and pictures of hands that tell the tale of time are presented in monochrome and in color. This documentary project differs from his usual style of capturing his subjects in action. Each portrait is carefully directed by Jose to tell a different story.

Jose Jeuland is a photographer specialising in documentary and story-telling. In his work, he always tries to evoke a sense of emotional connection from the viewers and draws them into the world of the subject.

Longevity Okinawa, Japan – Documentary Film

Why The Project Longevity Okinawa, Japan

In the last 50 years, there has been a massive shift towards healthy-living, nutrition, physical activities for most of the developed countries. This is evident in countries or cities facing issues as obesity, consistent high levels of stress within the workforce, sickness, way of eating and living.
We are all concerned about our health and quality of living.
With all that is going on in society and the need to constantly be productive in the workforce, how can one lead a happy life and be successful at the same time? This juxtaposition is achieved through Jose’s visit to Okinawa, the beautiful Japanese Island known by many to possess the magical power of bestowing longevity to its inhabitants.
Longevity Okinawa aims to shed some light on this mysterious power of Okinawa, with each portrait telling a story of its own. Hidden in the wrinkles of each portrait are the personalities of the photographed subjects and their attitudes towards life. Apart from the still images, a video reel also played at the exhibition, detailing the life and landscape in Okinawa and featuring interviews conducted with the photographed subjects.
Longevity is all about living and eating natural foods, in a close-knit community.

Centenarians Okinawa In The Media

Jose’s photography project on the Longevity in Okinawa has been featured in various printed and online media in the form of editorials and news articles.

Article in OKINAWA TIMES Newspaper (in Japanese):


Longevity Okinawa project,
Portrait photography series of the seniors and centenarians of Okinawa, Japan:

Photography Exhibition – Longevity Okinawa

In April 2019, Jose held almost a month-long photography exhibition hosted by The Fullerton Hotel Singapore on the Longevity Okinawa, Japan – Centenarian’s Secrets.
The Fullerton Hotel, an organisation that has consistently shown strong support for the arts, was proud to be the venue sponsor for Jose’s photography exhibition on Longevity in Okinawa.
The photography exhibition was organized by COCO PR & Communications in Singapore and produced by COCO Creative Studio.
Please follow this link for more news, information and media publicity the photography exhibition on Longevity in Okinawa generated.

Contact information about Centenarians Secrets series:

To contact Jose regarding his photography projects, commissioning new photography projects, contributions to editorials or other matters. You may reach him through the contact page or through his Creative Studio arm at studio@cococreativestudio.com.