Branding and Corporate Video Production Services In Singapore

The vital role of Corporate Video Production in Singapore

When we talk about corporate videos, they are specifically produced for marketing purposes. Marketing is all about communicating with the target audiences that will help to promote your brand, goods, services, or solutions. At the same time, every product will have a distinctive appeal to a very specific clientele. Hence the Corporate Video Production in Singapore should be utilised.

When we decide to create a video for a specific purpose, it is essential to craft a particular message based on individual preferences. On the flip side, it must include an appealing story about your brand with the added advantage of visual tools.

A corporate video can express different things about your mission and vision. However, it depends on how well it will be presented to your target audiences. This can reach a larger audience on a budget and in less time.

However, it should be produced by an expert Video Production Company in Singapore. So, it is advisable to hire a professional team as they have better provisions, in terms of video making equipment and technical knowledge. Corporate videos can incorporate financial reports, training videos for staff, brand promotion, corporate life, etc.

Jose Jeuland & COCO Creative Studio The best Video Production Company

Are you in the need of a professional and experienced Video Production Company in Singapore? We can help you.

Jose Jeuland helms COCO Creative Studio as Creative Director, and under this creative studio offers a range of branding and Corporate Video Production in Singapore for both corporate and commercial branding.

With a huge passion for storytelling through travel and documentary, Jose has expanded his craft to involve capturing moving images through video.

Besides offering branding and Video Production in Singapore, Jose has produced behind-the-scenes video productions for collaborations with major brands like The North Face for his photo-documentary:  Longevity in Okinawa.

Clients Jose has worked with are:

The Fullerton Hotel
G.H. Mumm / Pernod Ricard
The North Face
Okinawa Tourism / Be Okinawa
Vintec / Electrolux
Institute of Motion
COCO PR Agency
Prive Clinic

Feel free to browse through his portfolio for more of his video production services and work.

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To contact Jose regarding Corporate Video Production in Singapore or other matters, you may reach him via the contact page or through his Creative Studio arm at