Looking for top-notch commercial video production in Singapore? Ready to take your brand to the next level with captivating visuals? Look no further than Jose Jeuland. Marketing is all about communicating with the target audiences that will help to promote your brand, goods, services, or solutions. Jose and his expert team delivers exceptional videos that engage and inspire. Elevate your brand’s presence with our tailored video services. Let’s bring your vision to life.

Commercial Video Case Study


We partnered with Kadeka, to create an impactful commercial video. Our team crafted a visually stunning narrative that showcased the innovative features and sleek design of Kadeka’s products. Through careful planning, creative direction, and expert cinematography, we delivered a compelling video that captured the essence of the brand and resonated with their target audience. The result was an engaging and memorable video that effectively communicated Kadeka’s unique selling points and increased brand awareness.


1. What is a commercial video?

A commercial video is a promotional video that is created to advertise a product, service, or brand. It aims to capture the attention of the target audience, convey a compelling message, and generate interest or action.

2. Why should you get commercial video services in Singapore?

Getting commercial video services in Singapore offers numerous benefits. It allows you to effectively showcase your products, services, or brand to a wider audience, engage and connect with your target market, and differentiate yourself from competitors. A well-produced commercial video can increase brand awareness, drive customer engagement, and ultimately lead to higher conversions and sales.

3. Why should you choose us as your commercial videographers in Singapore?

When choosing a commercial videographer in Singapore, you want a team that understands your brand, has the creative expertise to bring your vision to life, and delivers high-quality results. We offer a combination of experience, technical skills, and a deep understanding of the local market. We collaborate closely with our clients to create compelling commercial videos that effectively communicate their unique value proposition and leave a lasting impact on their target audience.

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How much does it cost to produce commercial videos?

The cost of producing commercial videos can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the project, duration of the video, required equipment, location, and post-production needs. Jose Jeuland offers customized pricing tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your project details, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive and competitive quotation based on your specific needs and budget.

What is the typical lead time to edit commercial videos?

The typical lead time to edit commercial videos can vary depending on the complexity and length of the project. After the filming is complete, Jose’s team ensures to dedicate the necessary time and attention to detail during the post-production process. We strive to deliver high-quality edited commercial videos within 5-7 working days. The specific lead time will be determined based on the project’s requirements and will be communicated to you during the initial consultation.

What do I need to prepare before asking for an commerical video service quotation?

Before requesting a commercial video service quotation from us, there are a few things you can prepare to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Please provide us a detailed overview of the project brief, creative direction and script (if any) as it can help us understand the content and structure of the project. This will help us understand your vision and provide a tailored quote.

How much time is required to start a commercial video project with Jose Jeuland?

The time required to start a commercial video project with Jose Jeuland can vary depending on the specific requirements and complexity of the project. We aim to provide efficient and timely services to our clients. Once we have a clear understanding of your project goals and scope, we will work closely with you to establish a timeline that meets your needs. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality results within agreed-upon deadlines, ensuring that your commercial video project starts promptly and progresses smoothly.

What are Jose Jeuland’s cancellation policies for commercial video production?

Jose Jeuland has a cancellation policy in place to ensure efficient project planning and resource allocation. We require clients to make a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the quotation amount before the project begins. This policy is designed to maintain fairness and uphold our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients.