Tibet photography book Jose Jeuland Documentary photographer

Street Photography

Black and white Bangkok Thailand BKK street photography police



BRUNEI borneo street photography kid girl



Songkran Thailand CHIANG MAI water festival dance street photography

Chiang Mai


COLOMBO sri lanka street photography little girl school


Sri Lanka

venice beach sunny day pier LOS ANGELES california united stated usa street photography

Los Angeles

United States

NHA TRANG vietnam asia street photography gym park

Nha Trang


SAN FRANCISCO california ca untited states usa street photography pigeon bird subway station

San Francisco

United States

SIEM REAP cambodia asia street photography motor shop city

Siem Reap


Portrait exhibition street photography singapore



Traveling The World – Street Photography

From Colombo to California, Jose revels in travel and meeting new cultures. His travel and street photography are quick to impress, and Jose’s talent as a street photographer to assimilate with his surroundings naturally ensures the most authentic street photography shots are captured.

Back in Singapore, Jose also offers travel and street photography tours. Feel free to browse through his portfolio for his travel and street photography work.

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Contact information regarding street photography:

To contact Jose regarding his street photography work, travel and street photography tours or other matters, you may reach him through the contact page or through his Creative Studio arm at studio@cococreativestudio.com.