One to One photography workshop in Singapore

Photography is an art or skill that can be enhanced. Learning a new skill or improvised one skill requires practice. You need to be encouraged and self-motivated all the time. In order to make this process easier and smoother, photography workshops are organized in different locations and you can get the best benefits of it no matter whether you are beginners and amateurs or established veterans.

One to One photography workshop in Singapore is exclusively available for people interested in photography.

Intensive One to One Photography Workshop by Jose Jeuland

Are you the sort that learns best with immaculate care and attention? Sign up for Jose’s intensive 1 to 1 professional photography workshop in Singapore that will ensure you have all your technical and non-technical questions about photography resolved. What should one look out for in travel photography? How do you cover large event photography? How do you make your subject feel comfortable in front of the lens? What camera settings should you employ in outdoor situations? What is the best set-up for studio lighting?

In a rare opportunity, have all your questions answered by Jose who is a patient teacher who loves to share his knowledge and experience with photography and travel.

We aim at sharing the art of photography as we have been operating for over many years. We continue to invite all the like-minded people to our One to One photography workshop in Singapore from across the world. Let our photography workshop double up your photography skill into a different orbit so that are able to take photos in different innovative angles in different lights. 

You will comprehend the intricate camera speedily and self-assuredly so that you can start taking good pictures quickly and artistically. Jose will explain the secret of photography with simple and clear examples.

Enhance your photography skills-

Our photography workshop will reveal your creative potential with your camera that will help you in starting a new and amazing photographic journey. You can thoroughly know about the creative functions of the camera. All you just need to join our photography workshop and improve your skills. 

JOSE will assist you in one-on-one coaching. Even experienced photographers will accumulate better tricks on various subjects at different levels. 


FUJIFILM Singapore workshop photography jose jeuland one to one classe 1 to 1 course lesson learn basic photographer
Photography workshop sinagpore one to one classe 1 to 1 course lesson learn basic photographer

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To contact Jose regarding an intensive 1 to 1 photography workshop or other matters, you may reach him via the contact page or through COCO Creative Studio arm at