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Photography Courses, Workshop, Lectures and Talks in Singapore and Overseas

Jose Jeuland offers a range of professional photography courses in Singapore or overseas. Jose is well-versed in a wide range of camera techniques and he is highly experienced in travel photography, documentary photography, portrait and commercial photography.

Having produced two successful photography exhibitions (Longevity Okinawa, Haenyeo of Jeju Island) and had his travel and documentary photography projects featured in an array of media outlets, Jose is always grateful to his sponsors The North Face, BenQ, Epson and FUJIFILM for their support on his photography journey.

Beyond that, Jose is also an accomplished Street Photographer and loves meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures where they can all bond over a common interest: photography. He has photographed streets all over the world from Colombo, San Francisco, New Dehli and Los Angeles.

In all of Jose’s photography courses, he promises to impart the storytelling techniques involved in capturing good photography, and the technical skills one needs to execute the perfect shot for the moment.

Please see below for the photography courses and services that Jose offers :

. Intensive 1 to 1 photography workshop
. Small group photography workshop sessions
. Travel photography workshop (an overseas trip that can be organized to favor your destination of choice)
. Street photography workshop
. Corporate photography workshops that include elements of encouraging teamwork, work productivity, and quality of work in the corporate setting
. Schools, Universities and Colleges photography workshop
. Talks and Lectures for education institutes and photography communities

Photography Workshop FUJIFILM singapore studio jose jeuland documentary
Jose Jeuland Photography Workshop singapore photographer photowalk asia fujifilm manfrotto
Jose Jeuland Photography Workshop singapore photographer photowalk asia fujifilm manfrotto

Photography Courses in Singapore-

Are you interested in photography? Looking for a professional coach who can guide you with the best Photography Courses & Workshop in Singapore? Searching for a reputed platform that can shape your career in photography? You are in the right place.

Backed by years of experience in documentary and travel photography, he is well-versed in his area of expertise. He teaches and guides many students regarding photography. If you want to learn basic and advanced skills to embark on your new journey in photography, you can join Photography Courses & Workshop in Singapore without wasting time.

We also provide gift cards for the photography workshop:

Contact information about photography workshop, course, classes, lesson in Singapore:

To contact Jose regarding a photography workshop or other matters, you may reach him via the contact page or through COCO Creative Studio arm at

Recent Talk & Courses Photography Blog posts:

What equipment should I bring to a photography workshop in Singapore? Expand
When attending the photography workshop in Singapore, ensure you bring your camera, preferred lenses, a fully charged battery, storage cards, and a notebook. For those who may not have their own equipment, I will be able provide it. Whether you are joining an individual workshop or a corporate event, I offer the convenience of supplying multiple cameras to participants. This ensures that everyone can fully engage in the workshop, even if they don't have their own gear.
How can I find out about upcoming photography workshops in Singapore? Expand
To stay informed about upcoming photography workshops in Singapore, we recommend following our official social media channels and regularly visiting our website. Our focus primarily revolves around one-to-one or individual workshops, tailored to provide personalised learning experiences. However, for those interested in corporate workshops, arrangements can be made upon request.
What happens if I need to cancel my registration for a photography workshop? Expand
Evaluate the cancellation policy of the photography workshop Singapore, as it may differ among organizers. Numerous workshops offer options such as refunds or rescheduling if informed within a specified timeframe. It is advisable to promptly reach out to the workshop coordinators to initiate a discussion regarding your situation. This proactive approach ensures clarity on the available options and facilitates a smoother process should you need to cancel or make adjustments to your participation.
Will I receive a certificate upon completing a photography course? Expand
Upon completion of a photography course, a certificate can be provided upon request.
Can I enroll in photography courses without prior experience? Expand
Certainly! Our photography courses are designed with beginners in mind, offering a comprehensive introduction to the art. These courses focus on building a strong foundation by covering essential topics such as camera basics, composition, and editing skills. Tailored to ensure a comfortable start for newcomers to photography, these courses provide a supportive environment for learning and honing one's skills in the captivating world of photography.
What types of photography courses are available in Singapore? Expand
There are a wide range of courses available. These courses encompass fundamental programs such as Beginner's Photography, along with advanced options in Portrait and Landscape Photography. Additionally, they also extend to cover disciplines including documentary photography, storytelling, editing, street photography, videography, commercial, studio lighting, and more. Furthermore, participants have the flexibility to engage in these courses online, providing accessibility and convenience for those seeking to enhance their photography skills in various domains.