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It is with great pleasure I get to announce the launch of my first photography book “ TIBET Sichuan, China ”.

I was always a big fan of printed images, even before I began my professional career in photography. I used to buy photography magazines very often and even did my best to save money for special photography books on different photographers’ works. My interest was at its peak, so much so that for every celebratory occasion such as my birthday or Christmas. I would ask my family members to gift me with a photography book of some kind.

I have done photography exhibitions with fine art printing, printing collaterals as photography postcards and posters. My photography works have been featured in collection books of photographers as well.

Jose Jeuland photography book Tibet Sichuan China LaunchWhy launch now?

I had the idea and the desire for the longest time, to bring my photographs to life, keeping in mind that a project like this takes time to make it right.

When Circuit Breaker was announced in Singapore, there came a point my team and I could not conduct any sort of client-facing services due to the rules and regulations put in place. Hence, I found it most fitting being presented with a great opportunity to do things that we do not typically have time for. My very first photography book was born soon after.

Jose Jeuland photography book Tibet Sichuan China LaunchWhy TIBET Sichuan, China?

My journey to Tibet, Sichuan, was one of the most extraordinary travel experiences in my life. It was unplanned, it was unexpected, and most importantly, it was emotional.

In November 2018, I took an impromptu trip to the Tibetan Autonomous Region in Western Sichuan, China. The region boasts a charming personality and a unique culture with influences from its neighboring countries, China, Nepal, and India. With an open mind and an equally open heart, I acquainted myself with the locals, enamored by their free-spirited, hardworking nature and their ever-rosy cheeks. Even amidst harsh weather and living conditions, the vitality and strength that the community possesses shines through vividly.

Jose Jeuland photography book Tibet Sichuan China LaunchCamera used for the Travel experience in the Tibetan Autonomous Region?

It was my very first time using my FUJIFILM GFX 50R (digital medium format camera), and it was especially comforting to be able to use it for a photography documentary project. Apart from the digital medium format camera, this project allowed me to revisit my old analog camera the Flexaret IV (1955-1956), 120 film, 6x6cm exposures, TLR camera made in the Czech Republic.

Jose Jeuland photography book Tibet Sichuan China LaunchWhat can I expect to see in the photography book?

TIBET Sichuan, China, features over 100 of my favorite photographs that are a mix of people, life, landscape, and portrait. In every copy, you will have in your hands, a special edition set of images taken with my analog camera, at the end.

I have carefully selected the images in a specific way to ensure they gel well together and tell a story from start to end. I will not reveal much to you here, but allow you to discover the book for yourself.

Jose Jeuland photography book Tibet Sichuan China Launch

Jose Jeuland photography book Tibet Sichuan China Launch

Jose Jeuland photography book Tibet Sichuan China LaunchMore details about the photography book?

TIBET Sichuan, China, is a coffee table style book, available in two sizes: 15cm x 15cm and 21cm x 21cm.

The book retails at US$25 (15cm x 15cm) and US$45 (21cm x 21cm) respectively.

All orders will be shipped out by end of August 2020.

For the first 50 orders, recipients will receive a special edition small print from one of the analog photographs from the book.

You may purchase your copy of TIBET Sichuan, China photography book here:

Jose Jeuland photography book Tibet Sichuan China LaunchWhat is next?

Recently, I held a small exhibition about the Tibetan Autonomous Region in Western Sichuan, China series at the FUJIFILM Studio in Suntec City Singapore. I’m looking to do an extended exhibition on this series with large prints in Singapore. I have a few ideas in mind.

I have already sold some fine art prints from the series and it is still available on my website:

I’m planning to launch more photography books from my past documentary series in the same format: Longevity Okinawa, Haenyeo, Kumbh Mela, etc…

My main purpose for a photography book series is so you can put together a collection – one fit for your already-amazing bookshelves.

Jose Jeuland photography book Tibet Sichuan China Launch

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