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The number of visits and demand for art exhibitions has been on the rise amongst the millennials in Singapore and visitors as more art events are popping up every now and then. Piquing more interests and getting people exposed to the art scene in the city, people are finding more fun things to do be it on weekends or just wanting to break out of their regular activities and do something different. 

The Singapore Art Museum, Asian Civilizations Museum, ArtScience Museum are just some of the popular place in Singapore that people visit. However, did you know that there are photography exhibitions held at the FUJIFILM Studio as well? Located at Suntec City, different FUJIFILM X Photographers have a chance to showcase their body of work at the studio for people to view every month. Therefore, in the midst of your shopping or after a nice and satisfying meal in the heart of the City Hall, you are able to visit FUJIFILM’s studio and view the X photographer’s body of work. 

Photograpy exhibition singapore FUJIFILM x photographer jose jeuland china tibet

I am honored to let you guys know that in the month of FEB, I got the opportunity to showcase my latest photo series that I have taken in China, titled “Journey to the Tibet Autonomous Region”. As mentioned in my previous blog posts, it was a highly-anticipated adventure for me and to shoot. The pictures that are displayed hold very fond memories of my time in the Tibet Autonomous Region. It’s amazing to see your digital images come alive after printing and mounting them on the wall. I feel honored and humbled by the opportunity to hang the latest edition of photo series.

It is my first time exhibiting this series from China and printing my photographs from a Medium Format Camera FUJIFILM GFX 50R. You are able to see for yourself enlarged prints that highlight the outstanding image quality, color reproduction and power of expression for GFX cameras are known for. I am very amazed by the details and sharpness from the prints. They are printed with fine art matte paper and the final product is impressive. I was taken aback by the quality of them and I am excited to do a larger exhibition in the future, with more emphasis on the subject and series with a larger scale exhibition. Do check it out at the Fujifilm Studio if you are nearby!

Fujifilm Studio
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall
#02 – 410
Singapore 038983

Photograpy exhibition singapore FUJIFILM x photographer jose jeuland china tibet

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