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Interior Photography at Burger Frites Singapore

As a commercial photographer, I also do Interior Photography – like my recent assignment with Burger Frites in Singapore. Interior Photography Singapore is not what I do the most in my line of work, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Burgers Frites is one of  COCO PR Agency’s client, as such I came in to produce images for the interior and the facade of the store.

It was great fun doing Interior Photography for Burger Frites Singapore. As a person who does not eat burgers as often, after trying one of their burgers I was amazed by the flavours. The exciting part is that they are a few blocks away from my studio in Joo Chiat road – We are from the same neighbourhood.Interior Photography by Jose Jeuland Burger Frites Overview of the restaurant

Gear for this Interior Photography Session

To capture Burger Frits Interior Photography, I used two cameras. First was the FUJIFILM GFX 50R with a GF 32/64mm F4 RLM OIS WR MACRO Lens. Secondly, I used my FUJIFILM X-T3 with an XF 10-24mm f/4 OIS Lens.
Thirdly, my tripod, Manfrotto. To carry all of my cameras and its tools I used the Manfrotto Pro Light Camera Backpack Bumblebee-220.

Using a digital medium format is a big deal, the details in the pictures are incredible, and I love how the colours in the images turned out.Interior Photography by Jose Jeuland Burger Frites Corner view

Experience during the photoshoot

Burger Frites delivers high-quality beef burgers and homemade fries which are double-fried for extra crispiness. I had the pleasure of taking the interior shots of Burger Frites to showcase to people the dine-in experience.Interior Photography by Jose Jeuland Burger Frites Side View of Burger Frites

Burger Frites sits prominently with its signature blue and white signboard at Joo Chiat Road. Packed with royal blue and black walls with their logos placed in the centre.

Their seating area is well organised with a mix of both high and low chairs. The tables and chairs are in different shades of brown which gives a contrast to the marbled grey floor and walls for an industrial outlook. There is a leather sofa at the entrance of the restaurant for those who are looking for a place to chill.

My Interior Photography in Singapore Media!

I am proud to say that my interior photo was chosen to be featured in Straits Times’s lifestyle section for Burger bonanza. The interior of Burger Frites is spacious and suitable for social gatherings.Interior Photography By Jose Jeuland Burger Frites Photograph in Strait Time Issue

Background of Burger Frites

Burger Frites was a venture by Braseiro Restaurant to serve gourmet burgers and homemade fries in 2019. They create mouth-watering beef burgers with quality ingredients such as melted cheese, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce.
If you want to know about their store click here!


I had an excellent time shooting for Burger Frites. The photos taken came out delightful and satisfied my client. I am very pleased that Burger Frites is getting the traction that they need, as it is now one of my favourite burger spots! In addition, I also did Food Photography for the restaurant; you can check the blog post here.

If you are looking for a photographer for Interior Photography in Singapore or overseas, you can contact me!
You can have a look at my Interior Photography portfolio in COCO Creative Studio website.Portrait Photography By Jose Jeuland Corporate headshot of Alex owner of burger Frites

Above all, part of this assignment, I also did a profile headshot portrait for Alexandre Pini, the owner of Burger Frits.
By doing these various photography services to Burger Frites it enables me to cover a  360-degrees service such as Food, Portrait and Interior.


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