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Food Photography – Burger Frites Singapore

As a commercial photographer, I also do Food Photography – like my recent assignment with Burger Frites in Singapore. Food Photography is another venture I am branching out from my usual work.
Burgers Frites is one of  COCO PR Agency’s client, and I came in to produce images for their restaurant and the media feature.

Doing Food Photography at Burger Frites Singapore was a fun experience. The burger they serve was filled with full of flavours from various ingredients they had. The exciting thing is they are a few blocks away from my studio in Joo Chiat road – We are from the same neighbourhood.

Gears for this Food Photography session

To capture the images of the burgers, I used my FUJIFILM GFX 50R with a GF 120mm F4 RLM OIS WR MACRO.
I had two studio strobe lights from Godox (AD600), reflectors and my tripod, Manfrotto.

To carry all of my cameras and its tools, I used the Manfrotto Pro Light Camera Backpack Bumblebee-220.

Using a digital medium format is very significant, thus the details in the pictures are prominent, and I love how the colours in the images turned out.Food Photograph By Jose Jeuland Starters on the Table

Experience during the photoshoot

Burger Frites delivers high-quality beef burgers and homemade fries which are double-fried for extra crispiness. I had the task of taking pictures of all the food and drinks from the menu to showcase what Burger Frites were offering.
Food Photography by Jose Jeuland Burger Fries on the table

Burger Frites ensures that the burgers are fresh and of quality. Thus, all of them are made to order and expertly crafted from scratch.

My Food Photography in Singapore Media!

I am proud to say that my photo was chosen to be featured in Straits Times’s lifestyle section for Grilled in SG. Burger Frites will be the perfect place for burger lovers who are looking for a good gourmet burger.Food Photography by Jose Jeuland Burger Frites in Straits Times Issue

Background of Burger Frites Singapore

The well known Braseiro Restaurant developed an enterprise 5 years into their business which was Burger Frites. They create mouth-watering beef burgers with quality ingredients such as melted cheese, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce.
If you want to know about their store click here!
Food Photography by Jose Jeuland Burger and Fries on a table


It was a fun adventure taking photos for Burger Frites. The restaurant has been gaining popularity over the months and I am ecstatic that my client is pleased with my photographs. Working on this project was a great experience and I am even more excited to work on other upcoming Food and Beverage projects in the future.

I also did the Interior Photography for the restaurant; you can check the blog post here.

If you are looking for a photographer for your Food and Beverage business in Singapore or overseas, you can contact me!
You can have a look at my food photography portfolio in COCO Creative Studio website.Food Photography by Jose Jeuland Milkshake on the table

Part of this assignment, I also did a Profile Headshot Portrait for Alexandre Pini the owner of Burger Frits.Portrait Photography By Jose Jeuland Corporate headshot of Alex owner of burger Frites
This completes a 360 degrees of photography service which includes Food, Portrait and Interior.


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