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I hope you have seen the video that I have recently shot at The Singapore Zoo. Taken with the FUJIFILM X-T3 camera and the FUJINON 200mm f2 lens, the quality that was captured is simply amazing.

Prior to this trip, I have never been to The Singapore Zoo before. I have heard that the zoo in Singapore is exceptional however I never had the opportunity to visit it since I moved here.

Getting my hands on the FUJIFILM X-T3 camera and the FUJINON 200mm f2 lens

When I heard that I’ll have a chance to test the new FUJIFILM X-T3 camera plus the FUJINON 200mm f2 lens from FUJIFILM Singapore, I was thinking of the best ways to fully utilize the amazing equipment. The idea of a visit to the zoo came to mind and my wife got excited about the idea too. 
However, the looming fact that we were so busy with work during that time remains and we could only spend 2 hours in the zoo that Sunday.

Our experience at The Singapore Zoo

Upon reaching The Singapore Zoo, we were fascinated by how the place was beautifully set up. It was a pity that we could only stay for a short 2 hours and we were frustrated when the experience ended. We were not able to see all the animals and what The Singapore Zoo had to offer and we wanted to explore more.

The picture above was taken in the afternoon and the one below is taken in the morning.

As I reached home and watched the footages I had taken at the zoo, I knew that I had to go back again to complete the entire trip to the zoo. I decided to head over to The Singapore Zoo again right before having to return the camera and lens that day. That amounted to another 3 hours at the zoo that morning!

The colourful range of species at The Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo houses a wide range and variety of species. The entire landscape was filled with lush greeneries which really sets the environment of the great nature. We really enjoyed our visit there and I will definitely bring my nephew along the next time my family comes to visit me.

My wife, Shanthi, was in a nostalgic state as she remembered her memories with Inaku, the male Polar Bear.

The last time she visited the zoo as a kid, Inaku was still around and was even the mascot of The Singapore Zoo. Sadly, he was gone a few months ago but he will be missed.

In my series of pictures that I have taken, you will be able to see animal species such as the Tiger, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Giraffe, Monkey, Rhinoceros, Zebra, Bird, Butterfly, Meerkat, Bat and many more. You can also watch the video and see how many different kinds of animals you can spot!

Trip(s) worthwhile to The Singapore Zoo indeed

It was a joy and pleasure photographing within the animal kingdom that The Singapore Zoo had to offer. Of course, you can’t compare photographing in the zoo as compared to being in the vast world of Wildlife. However, it is a great training ground for photographers and a perfect place for testing out your gears.

All the pictures are taken hand-held, there were no tripods used for the video too. I was pleased that the OIS of the lens really did perform to its standards. I was shooting with an aperture of f2 or up to f4 most of the time.

The photographs are in JPEG format and shot mostly using the Classic Chrome film simulation. ( I love the green effect of it!) I also shot some with the Velvia film simulation for a more saturated colour overall.

I hope you have enjoyed the images and video that I am so happy to share with you, remember to take some time off to visit the great nature spots that Singapore has to offer.

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