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FUJINON 200mm F2 Lens FUJIFILM Jose JEULAND review
I was so blown away by the capabilities of the FUJINON XF 200mm f.2 OIS WR lens and that is why I have decided to share with you guys my experience and a review on it! Though I could only use it for a short period of time, it was enough to impress the daylights out of me. Read on to find out more about the lens.

Compatibility of the FUJINON 200mm F2

FUJINON 200mm F2 Lens FUJIFILM Jose JEULAND review

The FUJINON XF 200mm f/2 OIS WR Lens is a FUJIFILM X mount. This means that the lens is interchangeably compatible with all FUJIFILM X series system cameras. I went with the FUJIFILM X-T3 camera to go along with the FUJINON 200mm lens.

The size of the FUJINON 200mm F2

FUJINON 200mm F2 Lens FUJIFILM Jose JEULAND review
When I picked up the beautiful monster glass at FUJIFILM Asia Pacific office in Singapore, I knew that it was going to be far from an average sized lens. Even the carry-on protection bag is super huge and much bigger than the lens and the 1.4 x TC F2 WR Teleconverter Kit itself. It is like having an extra camera bag….in a bag. Though I do have to admit that I feel very secure with it as its fully protected with the two separate spaces – one which is for the lens and the other for the teleconverter.
The hood is big and has great quality in its built. It is also secure with screws that are used to tighten and hold it in place.
I apologize for the fact that I did not photograph the bag and the teleconverter in my studio. However, I managed to get some shots of the FUJINON lens in various angles.

The look of the FUJINON 200mm F2

FUJINON 200mm F2 Lens FUJIFILM Jose JEULAND review

I think that this is the first FUJIFILM/FUJINON lens to be in a greyish/white colour along with a metallic mate effect. Conventionally, the lenses would be in all black or few ones silver. It feels big, strong and beautiful at the same time. The design is really well done at the bottom, with the ring, access, and the straps.

You can tell at one glance, that it is an expensive piece of equipment just by looking at it.
FUJINON 200mm F2 Lens FUJIFILM Jose JEULAND review

My experience with the FUJINON 200mm F2

The only times that I used the FUJINON 200mm lens are during my 2 separate visits to The Singapore Zoo. During my first visit to the zoo, I did not really have a good sense of how I will utilize and play with the lens. I also brought along other lenses with the thought of switching and using them as well for the shoot. I felt really comfortable with the 200mm lens as I used it for the very first time. As I was filming, I became speechless from what I saw on my screen. The result and quality of it almost look like what you would see in a documentary film on your TV. I did a few slow-mo 5x and it looks crisp, clear and amazing.

I filmed in both auto and manual focus. It was an easy and comfortable experience for me.
I like how the autofocus is accurate, quick and quiet.
As I was getting the hang of using the FUJINON 200mm lens, I decided to focus more on taking videos with it and left my other lenses at home.
Here are the photographs from the sessions:
Ps: Having an external monitor to view on screen what I am filming will make it even more perfect as I’ll know what to focus on and in a comfortable position.
This is the video that I filmed:

Stability OIS and in the hand

FUJINON 200mm F2 Lens FUJIFILM Jose JEULAND review
No Tripods were used during the shoot at the zoo though I wished that I had a monopod at hand. A monopod with a fluid head from Manfrotto would be an exceptional gear of choice!
All my videos and photoshoots are handled solely by me. It shows how the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) is so powerful! Do you know that the system achieves 5-stop image stabilization?
Most of the time I was using my hands to support the camera and lens, however, in a few situations, I used my knee as a support.
FUJINON 200mm F2 Lens FUJIFILM Jose JEULAND review

The XF 1.4x TC F2 WR Teleconverter – the FUJINON 200mm

The Teleconverter is made out of 7 elements in 4 groups, including 1 aspherical element. With the 1.4x teleconverter, it will turn the 200mm focal length into a 280mm (35mm equivalent of 427mm)
Upon using the teleconverter, you will lose a bit of the aperture at F2.8. I tried it for a few shots but personally, I’d prefer using the lens without it. But then again, I was placed in a very easy condition. If you were to cover sports or wildlife in the WILD, it might come in as useful.
I tried the teleconverter 2x with the 100-400m with my FUJIFILM body X-T1 body and I felt that the quality of my image was going down. It will be very interesting to try it in other conditions with the magnificent FUJIFILM X-T3!

FUJINON 200mm F2 Lens FUJIFILM Jose JEULAND review

Conclusion on the review of FUJINON 200mm F2

How much I had wished that I was able to loan the FUJINON 200mm lens for The F1 Singapore Grand Prix. We were privileged to have the tickets for all 3 events from my wife, Shanthi. It would have been so fun shooting the Grand Prix Race and the concerts as well! I’m sure that it is a great lens for concerts and live performances, even in low light!
I know that it sounds like a pretty massive lens especially when you compare it with the other lenses from FUJIFILM. However, since the other lenses are from other categories and series, it is not a fair judgment. If you were to compare it with other brands lenses under the same category, you will find the FUJINON 200mm is indeed lighter and smaller.
What do I love most about the FUJINON 200mm lens? I really love the depth of field, the smooth bokeh and the shapes on the focal point. You can see what I mean when you view the video and the images that I have linked.

FUJINON 200mm F2 Lens FUJIFILM Jose JEULAND review
The price of the lens will be US$6,000. I’m not too sure about the prices in Singapore but perhaps something around that price!
Will I buy this lens? Hmmm. I don’t have the budget for it as of now but if I do, I will definitely purchase it. Of course, it will not be something that you use every day but when you do, it brings your videos and images to another level.
I am looking forward to having my hands on the lens again to shoot on another subject!
FUJINON 200mm F2 Lens FUJIFILM Jose JEULAND review

FUJINON XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR Key Features:

X-Mount Lens/APS-C Format
Focal Length: 200mm /305mm (35mm Equivalent)
Aperture Range: f/2 to f/22
Minimum Focus Distance: 1.8 m / 5.91′
Angle of View: 8.1°
One Super ED Element & Two ED Elements
Image Stabilization: yes, 5-Stop
Weather-Sealed Construction
Focus Preset Button
Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm
19 elements in 14 groups including 2 ED elements, and 1 super ED element
Weather sealed at 17 points
Weather and dust-resistance
Low temperatures operations: -10°C / 14°F
Built-in rotatable tripod collar
Weight: 2.26 kg / 4.98 lb
Filter: 105 mm
Dimensions (DxL): 12.2 x 20.5 cm / 4.80 x 8.07″
Tripod Collar: Yes Fixed – rotating
Magnification 0.12x
Optical Design 19 Elements in 14 Groups
FUJINON 200mm F2 Lens FUJIFILM Jose JEULAND review
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