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When was the last time you took a break and visited the zoo to enjoy nature and the company of furry friends?

Video Singapore Zoo

Well, I recently took a trip to the Singapore Zoo to unwind and play with the new FUJIFILM camera and lens that I managed to get my hands on.

Located at Mandai, The Singapore Zoo is a beautiful place with a diverse range of animals for me to shoot! The Singapore Zoo has more than 2000 animals and up to 315 different species. From Monkeys and White Tigers, to endangered Rhinoceros and Giant Pandas.

A tip is to go as early as possible! This is so that you can view as many animals as you possibly can during your trip there. ( Or you can be like me and cover it on 2 separate days. )

Using FUJIFILM X-T3 camera and FUJINON 200mm f2 lens

Using the FUJINON 200mm f2 lens on the FUJIFILM X-T3, i managed to capture some beautiful shots of the exotic and beautiful animals that inhabit at the Singapore Zoo. Even as a handheld camera, the quality of the video is just magnificent.

My video can now be found on Youtube.

Next up, I will be sharing with you guys some still images of the animals at the Singapore Zoo, so stay tuned!

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