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Jose Jeuland photography book Tibet Sichuan China Launch

More than a year has passed since I first released my photography book, Tibet. I’ve decided that it’s time for me to reflect back on the book’s journey up to this point.

Photography Book Sales

I sold my photography book in 2 different sizes, and the bigger size was more popular among patrons. In the initial few months of my photography book launch, I sold many, many copies of my book. This was in part due to consistent marketing efforts on my social media pages.

After some time, I eased up on promoting my book, and sales went down proportionately. However, I think that the book sold quite well while I was advertising it—the bigger versions of my book are completely sold out, and I am currently left with only a few copies of the smaller version to sell.

My Printing Journey

When I first launched my photography book, I ordered them from a printing studio in Singapore that offered “print on demand” services. This meant that I paid the same amount per copy, regardless of how many I wanted them to print. I found this service very convenient as I could order the books to be printed as and when people were buying them. It also removed the worry of potential over-printing.

However, the printing studio closed shortly after, and I haven’t found the time to look for another place in Singapore that also offers “print on demand” services. Due to my busy schedule filled with commercial work, I have put off finding a new printing place for a long time. If I cannot find another printing place to do “print on demand”, I can only save on printing costs by bulk-ordering.

Perhaps I will soon find the time to look for another printing place. Once I have that settled, I will be able to easily and conveniently sell my photography book again.

So… What’s Next?

In the near future, I am planning to hold an exhibition in Singapore for the photography that I did in Tibet. I want to feature the pictures that I took during my trip there, and use the opportunity to promote my Tibet photography book once again.

When the time comes, I hope that you’ll come visit. Until then, you can grab a copy of my book here!

My photography studio also offers book design services. In fact, I designed my Tibet photography book there! For the full list of additional services that we offer, click here.

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