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Last month, I was invited by ADEX and Asian Geographic to be a guest judge at the Images of Asia photography competition. It was the very first time that ADEX and Images of Asia collaborated for a competition like this, so I had to say yes!

images of asia adex poster photography competition

Returning Judge at the Photography Competition

I have judged for Images of Asia in previous years and given talks at ADEX before. This is why I am no stranger to both events. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, live events were held off. Because of this, I was very excited to see everyone again after so long.

It was wonderful to see different photographers gathered in the same place. I listened as they shared their creative processes. From nature to portrait photographers, everyone there had a different voice.

images of Asia Photography Competition judges

Submissions at the Photography Competition

The high quality of submissions for the competition pleasantly surprised me. I think the most outstanding batch of submissions came from the category “People”. Even as a judge, I was amazed by the many photos that I saw.

I only had mere seconds to judge a single picture, and there would sometimes be debate among the judges on which pictures deserved to win. I found the different opinions exciting!

ADEX Presentation

I also gave a short presentation to the audience about myself and my photography book, Tibet.

It was a huge honour to present there as the screen and stage were massive. I was happy to share some photography tips towards the end.

images of Asia Photography Competition presentation

Closing Thoughts

I enjoyed myself a lot at this photography competition, and I hope I will be invited again next year.

Until then, check out my experience as a judge in previous years!

You may also purchase my Tibet photography book here.

images of Asia Photography Competition group photo

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