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Short Film Documentary ” Longevity Okinawa ” – Centenarian’s Secrets, produced by COCO Creative Studio ( and directed by Jose Jeuland. (

Supported by: Okinawa Prefecture; Be Okinawa Official
Outdoor Gear: The North Face
Contribution: BenQ


Jose Jeuland is a photographer specializing in documentary and story-telling. In his work, he always tries to evoke a sense of emotional connection from the viewers and draws them into the world of the subject. Okinawa is also known as the land of immortals where its population has centenarians and people who live a life longer than an average person would.

In early 2017, Jose embarked on a trip to Okinawa for his latest photography project: Longevity Okinawa, Japan – Centenarians Secrets. His photography subjects were between the ages of 89 to 106. What sparked his interest in visiting Okinawa can be traced back to an article he read 12 years ago on the health and longevity of the inhabitants of Okinawa. Since that day, the idea of longevity, no matter how impossible it may seem, has always intrigued Jose.

Second visit in Okinawa

In 2019, Jose went back to Okinawa. This time Jose photographed the elderly with a medium format camera (FUJIFILM GFX 50R) and lighting. The photography series was in color.

Photography exhibition “Longevity Okinawa” in Singapore

Portrait photography series of the Longevity Okinawa. Mars-April 2019, Jose exhibited his photography work at the iconic The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. It was the second time that Jose embarked on an international photography exhibition in Singapore. From 18 April to 30 May 2019, José will showcase his photography documentary titled Longevity Okinawa.

In Longevity Okinawa (centenarians), a series of portraits and pictures of hands that tell the tale of time are presented in monochrome and in color. This documentary project differs from his usual style of capturing his subjects in action. Each portrait is carefully directed by Jose to tell a different story.

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