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Food Photography — Atipico’s Magnificent Maritozzi

chef showing off maritozzis food photography singapore

In the past, I’ve done lots of food photography shoots, especially for Elle & Vire products. Thanks to them, I’ve discovered many new places and unique cuisines. This time, I have done yet another food photoshoot for Elle & Vire, where I photographed delicious-looking (and tasting) Maritozzi.

Best Gear for Food Photography

For food photography, I like to use my trusty FUJIFILM GFX 50SII as it is dependable and gives me consistently good quality pictures. Since food photography involves many close-up shots, I choose macro lenses to help me do the job. I set my camera up on a Peak Design Tripod to make sure that I can accurately adjust my shots and angles with pinpoint precision.

I also use Godox strobe lights and umbrella diffusers to create my desired lighting and atmosphere. However, these equipment may not always be necessary. When shooting on location, sometimes all you need is natural light and a collapsible reflector to get a gorgeous shot.

The Project

a close up shot of some maritozzi. The one in the middle is cut into half, revealing cream and chocolate filling in the cross section food photography singapore

I was engaged to photograph professionally-made Maritozzi that incorporated quality ingredients from Elle & Vire. Baked and plated by professional Chef Matteo Pertoldi and his team at Atipico, the Maritozzi looked delectable in the pictures taken, as well as in real life.

Working with Atipico

A chef carefully shaping the Chantilly on a maritozzi food photography Singapore
A proud chef and his kitchen team presenting their maritozzi food photography singapore

A company with humble beginnings, Chef Matteo and his team were a pleasure to work with. They showcased their expert culinary skills and were comfortable working in front of the camera. The Maritozzi also came in 4 different flavours, each filled with their own special hearty creams and spreads. From decadent chocolate to tangy raspberries, each bite packed a punch!

Final Thoughts on This Shoot

Close up of a single maritozzi sprinted with toasted coconut food photography singapore

This shoot was a wonderful experience for me and my crew, and I hope that more people get to try Atipico’s yummy Maritozzi. You can place an order and get them delivered straight to your doorstep!

If you’re looking to engage a food photographer, we offer a wide range of photography services at COCO Creative Studios. I look forward to going on more food photography shoots and sharing delicacies with the rest of the world through my pictures.

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