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BenQ SW272Q Photographer Monitor - Review

I am thrilled to share my review for another collaboration with BenQ! This will be my third review with BenQ for a monitor: BenQ SW272Q.

This is a new creative tool that will be used in our creative studio here in Singapore. Together with our adorable dog, Shibu, we are excited to share the review for this new cutting-edge photographer monitor!

Photographers, videographers and any designers or artists who value the quality of color and precision in their works would always consider a good monitor when creating their crafts. It is paramount of importance for creative professionals to see the accurate results of colors from screen to print. 

singapore photographer benq monitor BenQ SW272Q

With BenQ SW272Q, a photographer monitor with a 27-inch 2k display, Adobe RGB, no flare and no reflection, this monitor is perfect for color aficionados and people who are serious about having accurate color precision in their outputs. 

The monitor comes with various cables – regular HDMI and USB-C. Aside from precise fast data transfer from our laptops, it is also a bit intriguing to charge our laptops through the cables.

Hotkey Puck G3

Aside from the monitor, it also comes with Hotkey Puck G3, a wireless remote control that has buttons to control the color settings of the monitor. It has a controller key that changes from sRGB, Adobe RGB and B + W. It also has a dial that conveniently adjusts or modifies the colors that you desire. Lastly, it also has an information key at the bottom to alter the monitor settings.

singapore photographer benq monitor BenQ SW272Q

After post-production, printing is the next crucial step for creative professionals to tackle. Luckily, for BenQ SW272Q, they have a Paper Color Sync software that is aligned to the images from the screen to printing the paper. This printing precision is divine and is sought after by creative professionals especially photographers.

singapore photographer benq monitor BenQ SW272Q


The size of the monitor is just right for me; it’s a perfect fit compared to the larger alternative. Moreover, the finishing details and the sleek design of the new base and stand greatly enhance its aesthetic appeal. Over the years, my relationship with BenQ has grown into a long-standing partnership, with their tools, including this monitor, playing a vital role in my daily workflow. The reliability and quality they consistently deliver make them a trusted partner in my creative endeavors.

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