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I am happy to share my experience with you of the BenQ monitor SW321C. This is my second BenQ monitor. It comes with some exciting new features.

Post-production and printing are important, especially for people who want total control of their work. The entire process of editing, retouching, and then printing is critical. One would want their prints to look perfect. With the BenQ SW321C this is made easier and more precise. The photographer or videographer can retouch/edit their work on a monitor which has a high resolution, amazing color accuracy, smooth color gradations, and transitions.

BenQ Monitor SW321C Review Photography Singapore Jose Jeuland 1

The BenQ SW321C has an amazing 4K resolution for viewing and post-processing. Videographers can also use it for editing their footage with HDR technology. This technology allows one to watch and edit their videos with the HDR effect. Third-party video calibration software – Calman and LightSpace are also supported by BenQ SW321C.

ART (Advanced Reflectionless Technology) Panel –

This BenQ monitor uses an ART Panel. The screen of the monitor has a matte appearance as this color-calibrated panel is covered with a special anti-reflective coating. The screen of the monitor has a very matte look, producing the smallest amount of glares. The matte coating is so effective that even a direct source of light like a flashlight would produce minimal glare.

BenQ Monitor SW321C Review Photography Singapore Jose Jeuland 2

Paper Color Sync technology –

This monitor offers Paper Color Sync technology. It enables you to view the print result of your images. This added feature is very useful for professionals and is a huge advantage. It is very useful for me as I love to print my work and require large prints for my photography exhibitions. As I can already see how my prints will look, I can save time by editing my work according to the desired look and outcome. The anti-reflective coating also plays an important part in this as it gives the monitor a matte appearance which makes your work looks closer to printed outcomes.

BenQ Monitor SW321C Review Photography Singapore Jose Jeuland 8

BenQ Monitor SW321C Review Photography Singapore Jose Jeuland 9

AQRoller –

The AQRoller helps in maintaining and protecting the special coating on the monitor screen. It is provided with the BenQ SW321C and should be used to clean the screen. Monitor screens usually have marks, fingerprints, and dust. This roller is a silicone roller and it cleans the screen softly as it rolls on the monitor. This will not wear off the special coating and will not scratch the screen. It is recommended and is better than using a paper towel or a microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes.

The colors on the monitor are very precise. BenQ developed the AQCOLOR technology, used in their monitors which reproduces accurate colors.

Being a professional photographer, I find the BenQ SW321C extremely useful and time-saving. It also makes the entire process of retouching and printing more enjoyable and exciting for me as one can preview their work in high resolution and also use the various color modes before editing. It is especially very useful for skin retouching as I can view the image on such a big screen and edit them.

For all my work be it commercial photoshoots, headshots, portraits, printing, and other work at my studio – COCO Creative Studio, the BenQ monitor is definitely very useful and helps me in achieving the best results. I can also connect it to my laptop and have a live view on the monitor during photoshoots.

BenQ Monitor SW321C Review Photography Singapore Jose Jeuland 6

Design and function –

Material – Matte grey materials – 18-degree grey and polymer providing a fine look

Shading hood – The shading hood blocks the external and ambient light so one can enjoy the display performance and view the screen clearly with accurate colors. It is easy to install and is detachable. It also has a lining of soft velvet which is non-reflective, thereby, eliminating any additional light.

IPS panel for wide viewing angle
Hardware Calibration
Paper Color Sync Technology

Gamut Duo Mode – One can compare the same image, side by side in two different color gamuts.

Uniformity Technology – The screen has a balanced brightness, providing precise colors from edge to edge.

Black and white modes – There are three black and white presets which one can use to view their color images before starting the editing process.

Hotkey Puck G2 – This has a rotating dial and three function keys. The dial is useful to adjust or make changes to things such as volume and brightness. There are preset shortcuts with which it is easier to access color modes and other features.
There are 14 preset modes accessible by Hotkey – Adobe RGB / sRGB / Rec.709 / DCI-P3 / Display P3 / M-book / B+W / HDR / Calibration 1 / Calibration 2 / Calibration 3 / Custom / Paper Color Sync / DICOM.

Input ports:
. USB-C port – Power delivery and high-speed transmission of Video/Audio/Data
. PC/Video input – HDMI 2.0 2/ DP 1.4 1 /USB Type-C (PD60W)
. Audio output – 1 Headphone jack
. USB hub – 2 USB3. 1 downstream, 1 upstream (USB Type-C), 1 upstream (USB Type-B), SD card reader x 1
. USB port for OSD controller – upstream mini USB2.0 x 1

BenQ Monitor SW321C Review Photography Singapore Jose Jeuland 10

BenQ Monitor SW321C Review Photography Singapore Jose Jeuland 4

BenQ Monitor SW321C Review Photography Singapore Jose Jeuland 5

Specifications –

Panel Type – IPS LED
Panel Size – 32” W (16:9)
Refresh Rate – 60Hz
Display Area – 708.48 x 398.52
Display Colors – 1.07 billion
Maximum Resolution – 3840×2160
Display Mode – Full/ Aspect Ratio/ 1:1
Pixel Pitch (mm) – 0.1845
Brightness (Typ.) – 250 nits
Contrast Ratio (Typ.) / DCR (Min) – 1000:1 (Panel) / 20M:1 (DCR)
Viewing Angle (H/V), CR ≥ 10 – 178/178
Color Gamut – 99% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB

Response Time – 12 ms (Tr+Tf)
GtG response time – 5 ms

Color Temp. Selection – 5000K/6500K/9300K/Custom Mode/User Defined (increment by 100K)
Hor. Frequency (kHz) – 27~140KHz
Ver. Frequency (Hz) – 27~76Hz
Video Bandwidth (MHz) – 600MHz

DCI-P3 & Display P3
Industry Standard – 16-bit 3D LUT, ΔE ≤ 2
Video format – HDR technology: HDR10 & HLG
Tilt (Up / Down) – 20º ~ 5º
Height adjustment – 150mm
Pivot – 90º
Swivel – +45º ~ -45º
VESA Wall Mount – 100mm x 100mm (quick release)
Kensington Lock – Yes
Gamma Select – 7 steps (1.6~2.6 and sRGB)
Color Gamut – sRGB / Rec. 709 / Adobe RGB / DCI-P3
Black Level – Yes
HW Calibration reminder – Yes
Use Flash as calibration result memory – Yes
Mac compatible – Yes
Windows-compatible – WIN 7/8/8.1/10
LUT – 16-bit programme 3D LUT

BenQ’s Palette Master Element supports the following colorimeters –
X-Rtie i1 Display Pro / i1 Pro /i1 Pro 2/i1 Studio/ColorMunki Photo, Datacolor Spyder 4/5.

BenQ Monitor SW321C Review Photography Singapore Jose Jeuland 3

BenQ Monitor SW321C Review Photography Singapore Jose Jeuland 7

Conclusion –

Personally, I feel the BenQ Monitor SW321C is user-friendly. It does not have any complicated functions, making your working process smooth. The fact that one can preview the print results of their images on a screen is really impressive. It also gives me security and confidence while delivering and presenting my work. For instance, if a client has doubts about the exposure, or tone of the image, I can always be sure that what is delivered has the correct values as my monitor is calibrated, whereas, the client’s computer might not be calibrated. The Paper Color Sync technology is highly beneficial for photographers who print their work often for selling purposes or exhibiting. It is definitely a good buy and very useful for professional artists and editors. The Monitor is one of the most important tool in my studio!

Unboxing the BenQ Monitor SW321C –


For more information about the BenQ Monitor SW321C.
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