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FUJIFILM made the first step into the world of mirrorless cameras with FUJIFILM X100. My first FUJIFILM camera was an X20, I both a few ones and eventually got the X100T.

It was one of my favorite cameras but I had to sell one of the cameras to be able to pay the mounting of my prints for my first exhibition about the Haenyeo in Singapore.

The official poster of the exhibition and some of the prints were taken with my FUJIFILM X100T. It was rather painful for me to sell it, as it was an important camera for me. At times, I have to make a decision in order to push myself to another stage. Some of the decisions in life are not easy but necessary.

Today, I’m very happy to own a FUJIFILM X100V, of course, it will not replace the one I had before but I will make the best out of it.

Since I sold the X100V, It is very rare for me to have a camera with me. The reason is the size and clutter, so when I have it with me that is when I do my work or my travel and documentary.

Now with the FUJIFILM X100V, I can see myself having this camera with me all the time.

To celebrate this, we did a stop motion video with COCO Creative Studio.

On the video, the bag is from ONA Leica BERLIN II, my wife offered me this quality leather bag when we engaged in 2015. A memorable gift from her. This Ona bag has a little Red Dot on it and is designed for the Leica M system and can hold 2 lenses and accessories.

This will be a perfect bag for my FUJIFILM X100V.

The backdrop used for this stop motion video is Gravity Backdrops.


Product photography credit: COCO Creative Studio
Photography: Jose Jeuland

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