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Wanna get your hands in the field of Corporate photography in Singapore?

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Singapore’s skyline has changed dramatically in the last 10 years with the introduction of Marina Bay Sands – can you believe that this entire Marina Bay area used to be an empty plot of reclaimed land and seawater? The view is especially beautiful at night where you can find other iconic structures like the Esplanade, Helix Bridge, Merlion, and the numerous skyscrapers of the Central Business and Marina Bay Financial Districts all lit up, the temperature perfect for an after-dinner stroll. Tourist t-shirts often call Singapore a ‘fine city’ thanks to the number of laws and regulations that can result in a hefty fine if flouted, these can range from smoking in no-smoking areas, jaywalking, or even eating and drinking on the MRT. More serious infractions like robbery, vandalism, or drug trafficking in Singapore can result in jail sentences, but also corporal punishment like caning or even a death sentence.

Corporate photography in Singapore

Photography takes an instant out of time

Know your goals when you commission photography, understand your goals and know how the photography will be used. Communicate this information to the photographer and your talent (i.e., employees) ahead of the shoot.

Make sure you plan ahead. Share a shot list so key subjects know where they need to be and when. Even event photography should be coordinated. Be sure to discuss the image deliverables ahead of time so the photographer knows who to focus on and what to omit in an event space.

Businesses as well as individual business professionals have a wide range of photography needs that may need to be filled over time, and as a professional photographer, you have the opportunity to profit when you make an effort to fill these needs.

Corporate photography in Singapore

You must focus on the photographs when the words become bleak

If you will be attending a corporate event to take pictures of individuals, groups, or other aspects of the event, you do not want to stand out like a sore thumb. Instead, you want to do your best Corporate photography in Singapore to blend in so that you can take candid pictures of the attendees without drawing obvious attention to yourself.

Whether a corporate event has a few dozen attendees or several hundred or more, you likely will need to learn more about who the main players at the event are. The last thing your client may want is for you to get tons of pictures of spouses and administrative assistants without getting pictures of executives and other major players.

In corporate event projects, you may find that have hundreds of images to choose from. You may not have time to edit all of them, so you should focus only on editing the ones that have the greatest potential or that may be most important to your clients. For example, a picture of a CEO chatting with a top executive may be far more important for you to edit than a picture of a guest looking at the buffet table.

As we conclude, As a professional photographer, you may already have many of the skills that you need to take great corporate pictures. This may include portraits as well as events. While you can apply your knowledge and skills to your projects, you may also find that your finished work improves as you gain experience by working with your corporate clients.

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