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It’s with great delight I am writing today about the success of the VIP Opening Launch of Longevity Okinawa Photography Exhibition. It took place at The Fullerton Hotel, East Garden Gallery on the 18th of April 2019.

My Second Photography Exhibition at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Hanyeo was my first successful exhibition. It happened from the 27th of October 2017 till 22nd November 2017 at The Fullerton Hotel. Hence, it was definitely a dream come true to exhibit Longevity Okinawa at the iconic hotel again. For this exhibition, 20 photographs were selected to be exhibited. The printing was done using Epson technology which includes their printer, ink and media rolls. The prints displayed for this exhibition were a mixture of sizes measuring 100 cm x 75 cm, 90 cm x 120 cm, 45 cm x 60 cm and 182 cm x 136.5 cm. Additionally, there were 2 longboards measuring 234 cm x 117 cm. They’re for the Okinawa text and my Biography respectively. The visually attractive images were captured using both FUJIFILM X-T2 for monochrome images and FUJIFILM GFX 50R for coloured images.

Commencement of VIP Opening Launch of Longevity Okinawa Photography Exhibition

The turnout for the event was excellent with 85 guests being present. Guest profiles were a mixture of individuals from the media, hotel, medical, photography industry, Japanese community, collaborator and friends. High-net-worth individuals were present too. Guest registration started at 18:40. My wife Shanthi kickstarted the event by welcoming distinguished guest at 19:30.

The first to deliver a speech was Takato Hiraga. He is the Director of the Okinawa Prefectural Government Singapore Representative Office (visit Okinawa Japan: Wearing Hawaiian shirt, Takato enlightens us that its name is Kariyushi that represents Okinawa. It’s a formal uniform that the people in Okinawa don to work. The details in Kariyushi depicts Okinawa as a cheerful and relaxing place. Following Takato Hiraga’s informative speech was my speech. I shared with guests that my trip to Okinawa was indeed a deep and emotional experience. The elderly Okinawans taught me how important a mix of different generations plays in a long, happy life. I took this opportunity to also unleash the secret behind the longevity among the people in Okinawa. Truth be told, there is no secret to their longevity. The Okinawans just live a normal healthy life and keep themselves active by doing exercises and gardening.

G.H.Mumm Champagne, Wine Beverages and Canapés

G.H.MUMM, Champagne, Pernod, Ricard, Photography, Exhibition, Jose, Jeuland, Singapore, Photographer

The best company for the exhibition were definitely our Champagne partner G.H.Mumm Cordon Rouge with Brancott Estate Pinot Noir (red wine) and Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc (white wine) from Pernod Ricard. The canapés by The Fullerton Hotel Singapore consist of a diverse range of meat, seafood and vegetarian options to cater to the taste buds of the guests. The tasty canapés and beverages hyped up the guests further during their interactions with others while viewing the photography prints.

G.H.MUMM, Champagne, Pernod, Ricard, Photography, Exhibition, Jose, Jeuland, Singapore, Photographer
G.H.MUMM, Champagne, Pernod, Ricard, Photography, Exhibition, Jose, Jeuland, Singapore, Photographer

It was pleasing to know that the VIP Opening Launch of Longevity Okinawa fell on the same day as the opening of food festival “A TASTE OF JAPAN” at The Fullerton Hotel. In line with my exhibition, Town Restaurant presented Japanese gourmet promotion from the 18th to 28th April 2019. Alongside its local and international buffet offerings, guests enjoyed a delicious selection of Japanese and Okinawan specialties.

BenQ Interactive Flat Panel

A unique addition to this exhibition was the large BenQ Interactive Flat Panel with an exhibition stand. This is their latest technology. There is only one model like this in Singapore’s BenQ office. Guests enjoyed viewing the short film documentary produced by COCO Creative Studio on the BenQ monitor as the visuals and sound were so clear. The digital guestbook is definitely a bonus add on. Being displayed on the BenQ monitor, guests were able to sign off their best wishes on it.

Giveaway Bags with the logo Jose Jeuland Photographer

Every guest that came did not leave the exhibition empty-handed. I prepared giveaway bags that had my logo printed on it for them. There was Longevity Okinawa photography exhibition flyer, Photography Workshop conducted by Jose Jeuland flyer, Fine Art Print information, Pixerf card, brochures from FUJIFILM about GFX 50R and GFX 50S and brochures from Epson SureColor SC-P10070 and SureColor SC-P20070 in each giveaway bag.

Gratitude to the Sponsors and Individuals for their support

COCO PR & Communications and COCO Creative Studio‘s execution of production and planning is very commendable. I extend my heartfelt thank you to my sponsors The Fullerton Hotel, Okinawa Prefecture, Be Okinawa, THE NORTH FACE, G.H.Mumm Champagne, Epson, FUJIFILM, BenQ and Pixerf. Without their trust and support, this exhibition would not have been possible. I would also like to convey my sincere appreciation to FUJIFILM for sending me a flower stand and Monica for the beautiful flower bouquet.

Longevity Okinawa Photography Exhibition is exhibiting at The Fullerton Hotel till the 30th May 2019. Do visit the exhibition and I promise you’ll love the portraits.

For to view the photos taken at the VIP Opening Launch event, please head on to my Facebook page:

Photos taken by Pixerf.

Thank you to our team:

Also, do stay tuned and watch for updates as I will be featuring all the 42 elderly Okinawans on my website.

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