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The North Face Singapore Jose Jeuland

I’m very pleased to announce that The North Face Singapore (TNF) will be sponsoring me in my professional pursuits.

The North Face products will be the ideal support for all my sports activities, travel and my photography engagements thus I have always held TNF products with high prestige.

Their clothes are made with high quality material and technical which are perfect to combat the weather here in Singapore and elsewhere during my travel journeys. They have clothing that cater to various conditions.

In the last few months, i had an intense schedule evolving around the following:
Trail Running Race in Borneo
Hiking/Climbing in Mount Kinabalu – Highest Mountain in SEA
Ferrata Mount Kinabalu (Highest Ferrata in the world)
Okinawa, Japan Longevity Project
100KM Ultra Trail Running Race in Jeju
Haeneyo Documentary Project in Jeju
– Sri Lanka Trip for Photography Reportage

For instance, with all my activities, i believe that TNF is an ideal brand that will be able to support my photography adventures tying along my sports activities. I am looking forward to pursuing my photography activities with TNF products!

Very soon, I will be blogging a pre-event post about the DMZ Trail Race that I will be taking part in. I will also share with you the TNF clothes and equipment that I will be using as well.

You can find their retail stores here:

They have 6 stores The North Face stores in Singapore: The North Face Paragon / The North Face ION / The North Face Marina / The North Face 313 / The North Face Takashimaya / The North Face Scotts.

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Also you can check my sponsor page:


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