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“ Longevity Okinawa Project ‘’
Behind The Scenes video
by José Jeuland – Photographer

The North Face is the Official Outdoor Gear sponsor for my Photography Exhibition and my short film documentary project about Longevity Okinawa. I really want to thanks The North Face for their support and the collaboration. I enjoy every single gears that I’m using during my travel and my photography journey .

The North Face video – Voice Over / Photographer

I’m Jose Jeuland, a French Photographer based in Singapore. I specialise in documentary, editorial and commercial work.

I started the Okinawa Longevity project 2 years ago to take portraits of the elderly and find out the secrets of their longevity. This is the story of my journey.

I enjoy engaging in outdoor activities and I try to stay active even when I travel for my photography work. Starting the day with a run is a great way to keep myself in shape. It also makes me feel good.

It has been many years since I started using The North Face products for sports and various outdoor activities. From clothing to equipment, they are perfectly designed for the active traveller.

As part of my photography work, I would need to travel, walk and shoot for extended periods of time. When selecting outfit and gear, I value comfortable and reliable products that can tide me through various situations and weather conditions.

As a photographer, the challenges and opportunities to connect with people are unlimited. It has been an emotional journey documenting the lives of the Okinawan elderly. I hope that with each portrait, people will be inspired by their unique stories and garner more interest in finding the secrets to longevity.

With an unending appetite for discovering new cultures and territories, I always look forward to my next destination.

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THE NORTH FACE – Official Outdoor Gear Sponsor of Longevity Okinawa Project


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