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Chef from St Regis in chef's jacket professional headshot or portrait taken by Jose Jeuland Singapore

Photography in the F&B industry may be mostly focused on the food and drinks served at establishments, but the demand for professional portraits for Chefs has been on the rise. 

In a food-focused nation like Singapore, there is a multitude of restaurants and bars to choose from.
In 2021, Singapore was named home to a total of 49 Michelin Starred establishments, with 3 restaurants holding the coveted 3-Star title.

This is an increase from 2019’s list of 44 Michelin Starred restaurants, with 2 triple-starred locations (2020’s was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic).

This shows an increasing interest and demand in dining establishments, especially fine-dining concepts.

With this increase in the importance of the restaurant, comes the rise in prominence of the chef.
The role of a chef has already become increasingly celebrated in the past two decades, given the surge in popularity of the celebrity chef.

However, these days, chefs don’t have to have their own television show or range of cookware to be well known. A restaurant with a solid concept, that provides incredible food and excellent service, can propel its talented chef into the limelight.

Why do Chefs in Singapore Need Professional Portrait Photography?

With this limelight, comes a need for professional presentation.
Professionally taken headshots or portraits are no longer reserved for corporate positions in Singapore.
Instead of a suit and tie, chefs are increasingly occupying the space in front of cameras in their chef whites to get their professional photos taken.

These photos are to be used in a variety of mediums- ranging from industry magazines, to lifestyle magazines, or social media and promotional material.

The same rules for a corporate headshot for high-level management at any company also apply here. A chef is often the figurehead chosen to represent the restaurant or the company in different forms of media.

As a result, professional photographs of a chef should always be high-quality and up-to-date.
Poorly taken photographs or a dated professional portrait only serve to create a poor impression of the restaurant on diners, critics, and other members of the industry in Singapore and abroad.

What Kind of Portraits Are For Chefs?

Luckily for chefs, the informal nature of the food and beverage industry allows for more creative leeway when it comes to getting their portraits taken.

Most professionals in other industries are more confined to what constitutes an appropriate headshot or portrait for professional use. A safe choice would be in front of a white backdrop at a studio, or in the office lobby with the company logo.

A little more casual would be outdoors, against a backdrop of buildings, perhaps in the CBD area.

As a chef, you are given those choices and more.
Many chefs choose to be photographed on location at their restaurants or hotels.
Within their kitchens and dining rooms, they are given free rein to an almost limitless number of props that can be used to communicate their personalities or their values to the audience.


If your restaurant is known for seafood, there’s always an option to pose with fresh fish that came in today.
If you are a vegan chef, why not decorate the set-up for your portraits with fresh produce?

Additionally, the beautifully decorated dining rooms in restaurants that are meant to impress guests also effortlessly double as the perfect backdrop for a portrait.

Where Can Chefs Get Professional Portrait Photography Services in Singapore?

An established photographer or photography studio should have the skills to capture great portrait photographs of a chef.
Within my portfolio, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with several chefs and companies to provide services in portrait photography for a number of chefs.
These include JW Marriott, Elle & Vire, St Regis Hotel, Tarte by Cheryl Koh, Chef Maxine from Tigerlily, and others.
If you are a chef, a restaurant, or a hotel looking to get portraits taken, feel free to contact me at, or my studio COCO Creative Studio at

I also offer food and beverage photography services, which you can find more information on at COCO Creative Studio’s website.



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