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Last weekend, I conducted a photography workshop with FUJIFILM Singapore about Aspects of Composition and Framing.

Making a strong & aesthetic photograph.

The caption:

Besides all the basic rules of composition and framing an image. The FUJIFILM X-Photographer, Jose Jeuland will share his tips and advice on how to create a context, a dimension of depth, leading the eye of the public with the main focus of making an aesthetic image without disturbing the visual.

The program for this photography workshop was:
– On Friday evening at the FUJIFILM Studio in Suntec, I highlighted about the theory and demonstrated by illustrating images on the video projector
– The next Saturday morning, we met at FUJIFILM Studio and walked down to Marina Bay area. On the way we found structures, elements and subjects to practice the theory arising from the Friday’s workshop that we discuused.

Here are the pictures from the theory class on Friday:

[envira-gallery id=”5837″]

Here is the pictures from the outdoor walk on Saturday:

[envira-gallery id=”5843″]

A big thanks to the talented Jere for the pictures taken.

In Singapore,  we have so much opportunity to make or create interesting pictures, we worked on composition, space between elements, dynamic lines, background and portraits.

It was very fun hanging out with this group in such a nice weather interacting with them about photography. Not only that, we chanced about seeing a big group of otters sharing their bunch of fishes.

Thank you very much FUJIFILM Singapore for organising this workshop and great thanks to all the attendees who join us & a pleasure to meet each and everyone. Had so much fun.


My next workshop with FUJIFILM Singapore will be about Documentary Photography; (from a subject idea to a final series, with various aspect as travelling, organisation et find information, etc…)

Bellow few images taken during to workshop:

[envira-gallery id=”5901″]

FUJIFILM Singapore Photography Workshop, 23-24 Feb 2018

On instagram: @josejeuland

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