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leica celebration of photography exhibition group shot

Not too long ago, Leica invited me to contribute to their photography exhibition, titled ‘Celebration of Photography‘! I consider this a big milestone in my career as Leica is really well-known in the industry.

My Background with Leica

Even before I owned any cameras, I already knew about Leica due to their stellar reputation. Many famous photographers have Leica’s. Quite a few of my friends have Leica cameras as well. They are not only considered cameras, but also works of art that many can appreciate. The build is excellent, and some wealthier people treat them as prized collectibles.

Shortly after I moved to Singapore, I got to know the local Leica family, especially the Managing Director working there, Sunil Kaul. He is a great guy who is passionate about his craft, and he leads a solid team over at Leica. My good rapport with them resulted in me getting invited to many of their events.

2 years ago, Leica allowed me to try using one of their cameras for a few days. I used it to take some really stunning shots of my wife.

The experience of using the Leica camera is seamless and enjoyable, and I would really like to have one I can call my own. I am definitely considering purchasing one, maybe in the distant future.

Sharing at the Exhibition

Late last year, Leica invited me to be a speaker at their exhibition. I agreed to share about my photography trip to Tibet.

The Gillman Barracks was where I held my sharing session. Personally, I found it to be a special experience to share my Tibet photos with the audience, because it was the best photography trip in my life. It was my first time in China so I experienced a vastly different culture from what I was used to. I witnessed so much nature and beauty. It was a joy to photograph there!

I thought it was very fitting for Leica to ask me to share about my travels. Leica’s cameras are known to be well-suited for travel after all.

My sharing session was fully packed and sold out on Leica’s website within a very short time.

In fact, most, if not all of the sharing sessions and workshops sold out quite quickly. This speaks volumes about Leica’s reputation and brand. It is a truly inspiring company, and I can personally attest to that.

Meeting Everyone at Leica

I mingled with many friendly and talented photographers at the exhibition. They specialised in different types of photography, and it was really good to see everyone interacting with each other.

The exhibition served as a good outlet for photographers to learn from each other, and I was just happy to be a part of it!

Jose nick ut leica celebration of photography exhibition

I even spoke to the one and only Nick Ut!

Photographer Nick Ut is famous for his picture “The Terror of War”, which changed history during the Vietnam War. I was starstruck when I saw him in real life. I also interviewed him on behalf of Lens Magazine. You can grab a copy and read all about it here. After our meeting, I felt incredibly inspired.

Leica has always acted as a hub for photographers to get to know each other. For this, I am very grateful. Their events have helped smaller photographers get in touch with big industry names to learn from them. My heart is full whenever I see photographers thriving and connecting like this!

My Future with Leica

I was thrilled to collaborate with Leica for their exhibition.  I hope that this is the first of many more.

In fact, it would be a dream come true for me to hold an exhibition together with Leica one day. They are a respectable brand and I really look up to them. Therefore, I’m super excited for more opportunities to work with them in the future.

Who knows, maybe I’ll use a Leica camera to shoot for my next photography exhibition!

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