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Four Years with BenQ Monitors


picture of benq monitor on a table in front of a grey backdrop

It has been four years of COCO Creative Studio, and four years of using BenQ monitors for my work.
While I have done prior reviews on the BenQ monitors on my blog, I realised that I never did a post on how I use them in my daily work.

Shortly after I started the company and moved into my first studio in Joo Chiat, I received my first BenQ monitor, the SW320.  Two years later, I got another model, the SW321C.

The monitors are an incredibly important part of the gear in our studio. We use them every day in our editing work for photography and videography projects. The monitors allow us to be certain of the accuracy of the colour and brightness of the final photographs or videos that we deliver to our clients.

Using BenQ Monitors for Commercial Work

set up of a photoshoot, including a backdrop, lights, and a benq monitor on a table

I also use the monitors on-shoot when shooting commercial work for advertising or creative agencies.
By moving my BenQ 321C monitor next to me and connecting it to my laptop that is tethered to my camera, I can immediately check on the photos taken during the shoot. I often use it to check the accuracy of the colours, and zoom in to inspect the sharpness of the image.

This way, I am able to spot flaws easily and make adjustments to my settings, saving me effort and time during the shoot and post-production.
It also makes it easy for me to show my clients the images captured on the shoot in order to gather their feedback on the spot. When I was still working out of my studio in Joo Chiat, which had no space for a large screen, I would use my BenQ monitor to show my clients the photos or videos in a larger format.

Since I moved into our bigger space in Aljunied, we have added a large-screen TV with Apple AirPlay to view images on the shoot. Of course, the TV is not as accurate as the BenQ monitors, but it makes it easier for a larger number of people to view the images, or for the model to view the images without having to move from their position.
However, if you have a small studio but want to be able to show your clients or team how an image looks on a larger screen, the BenQ monitor is perfect for you.

BenQ Monitors for Printed Work

male pilgrim at the kumbh mela festival in india

For my personal projects, the BenQ has also been of great help to me.
In the past two years, I have not printed as much work. The pandemic had forced me to cancel many of my plans to travel overseas for documentary photography. Restrictions on social gatherings also made organising exhibitions for my work impossible.
During this time, I focused on commercial work instead.

But now that restrictions are easing, I plan on doing 1 or 2 exhibitions this year. For the work that I plan to print and exhibit, the BenQ monitor is essential for editing and adjusting the images so that they come out perfect when printed in a large format.

image of benq monitor displaying picture of male pilgrim at the kumbh mela festival in india

Future with BenQ

I cannot recommend BenQ monitors enough, and I hope to get one more in the future.
I would love to have another monitor solely reserved for photo or video shoots, and even be able to bring the monitor on shoots that are outside of the studio. This way, we would be able to keep both of our current monitors at our editing station at all times instead of having to move the monitor around.

I am very glad to have worked so closely with BenQ, and am happy to see that many photographers I know have decided to purchase BenQ monitors for their work.

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