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Desirable Qualities of a Professional Photographer (Singapore)

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Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

Being a Professional Photographer is more than just clicking images, it involves a lot of different elements other than a camera or lens. If you’re someone who has started in this, you might start to understand that owning expensive camera gear and accessories isn’t just going to turn you into a good photographer.

The most important aspects in any creative field and especially photography are time and patience. You need to give a lot of time in understanding the technical concepts and you should have patience in the practical aspect of photography.

Photography is just limited to ordinary clicks and simple cameras, it is much more than that. A Photographer could be skilled in a wide variety of niche that could be related to food, animal photography, nature photography, Portrait shoots, corporate shoots and advertising photography, sports and much more.


Be it any niche there are some Qualities a Professional Photographer must have:


An Eye for Creativity and Imagination:

Creative Photography

Creativity and Imagination can provide an great edge to your photographs

All types of art require you to bring out your ideas and imagination and put them to use in the creative process. Photography involves more than just applying them during the process but after the photograph has been taken. It includes a lot of editing, abstract creations, knowledge of software editing apps, the perfect use of light for the photos and the usage of camera and lens and so forth. You should have a creative mind to decide the type of shoot,photo background, perfect set-up and background effect etc that will result in a perfect click and a beautifully composed picture.


Patience and Adaptability:

It is very obvious that taking pictures especially, professional ones, would not give the perfect picture in just one click. There are a lot of variable aspects you need to consider while you start with your next photography project like timings, daylight, photography equipment, appropriate props, and the clientele schedule as well. There will be a lot of these issues arising at different points of time and so you need to be able to solve them strategically. You must also note that, it can be a little challenging at times to come up with best shots or pictures. So take your time learning about the technical concepts and put them to practice.


Detail Oriented and Attentive:

Detail oriented photography

Attention to minute details and conceptualisation will help you make your pictures even more vibrant and beautiful


Photography mostly involves the practical usage and creative brainstorming and less of the theoretical concepts. So, the attention to details and perception of surroundings is paramount. You should know how to make the correct use of your equipment and should be able to convey your message or idea through the picture. The various elements that you need to be meticulous about are: lighting, props,emotions, picture composition and picture description.


Communicative and Empathetic:

Communicative Photography

Effective communication can help you gain a lot of skills and experience


You may have understood by reading the above points that photography includes a lot of elements ranging from emotions to eye for natural elements like birds, animals or mountains and trees. Communication and empathy is an integral part of photography, you must understand human emotions or have an eye for detail to capture the exact message or idea that first comes to your mind while taking a shot. It is not just limited to this but you must learn to have great communication as well as networking skills otherwise you will be missing out on a lot of opportunities on your way.


Fascination and desire towards photography:

This is without a doubt the most ideal quality in a photographer, if you feel you really are fascinated toward taking amazing shots and clicking amazing pictures for people, then you definitely must pursue this passion and let people know about your expertise in this field. Passion is what will make your work stand out and let people recognise you.

Lastly, do not hesitate to make connections and gain experience from others , this will help you master your skills and will help you build a remarkable portfolio.

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