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My review for the FUJIFILM X-E3

Since I’m part of the FUJIFILM X-Photpgraphers of Singapore (Dec 2016), this is my first time that I was contributing to a launch of a new camera. I want to thank FUJIFILM Singapore for this opportunity with the FUJIFILM X-E3, please find my review bellow.

Just a little summary about the cameras I did owned previously. All started with the FUJIFILM X20, XM1, XT1, a second XT1, X100T, XT2, I did try the XPRO 2 and the XT20.

I never had the chance to used a X-E1, X-E2 or X-E2S.

The price for this mirrorless FUJIFILM XE3 Camera in Singapore is around SG$ 1,499 , in the US US$900 and in Europe for 900 Euros.

My speciality in photography is documentary, travel, commercial, portrait, and street.
I contribute to few magazines and web medias in Asia.

I think you may have see, heard, read it : MINIMALISM is the definition of the new camera.


FUJIFILM X-E3 - Ultra Compact & Outstanding Image Quality - Jose Jeuland

Really beautiful, right?


Why the camera FUJIFILM X-E3 is amazing for my work for documentary & travel and for my daily use?


  • Compact (tiny) / for travelling it is what I’m looking for – minimise the volume of your thing
  •  Light (287g excluding acc. / including battery approx. 337g)
  • 24,3 millions pixels using the APS-C X-Trans CMOS III sensor (X-T2, X-PRO2 and X-T20). / perfect for print magazine and
  • for exhibition, enough for printing in large format
  • Outstanding quality images
  • 4K video / more and more I film for to make my documentary or travel story more complete and bring another dimension to the public
  • Bluetooth -Wifi / transfer image to smart phone
  • Fast AF – Better tacking / amazing for shooting subject who are moving
  • LCD monitor touchscreen

For more detail info. please check on the link bellow:


I did use the FUJIFILM X-E3 in Singapore – Sri Lanka – South Korea and Japan.
During this time, it was a pre-production unit and I was holding across this different destinations.
It reminds me of my time for sport when I was testing pre-production sport products as watches, clothes, running shoes.

My mean utilization was in Sri Lanka and it was the subject used for the contribution at the launch in Singapore at Le Méridien in Sentosa Island.

We were 3 FUJIFILM X-Photographers to expose our work at this launch with a talk for all of us.

In Sri Lanka I used the camera in various conditions as:

  • Low light / at the fishing market very early morning, indoor
  • Hight light / at the beach
  • In tough action /in the crowd in the middle of 600 000 people at a religious celebration, on the boat
  • Using cobra flash
  • Various lenses
  • Video

FUJIFILM X-E3 - Ultra Compact & Outstanding Image Quality - Jose Jeuland

Beside all the amazing performance, I can see the condition I prefer to use the camera or what I’m missing:

  • Due of the small size and the weight of the body camera, I feel comfortable using smaller lenses and got a better balance. Just to reassure you, the camera was still amazing with big lenses.
  • The touchscreen, I don’t use it to shoot, but I use the regular way by the shutter button which I really enjoy it for to see my pic and zoom in.
  • Iso dial and lever controller, they really miss it on this camera. I mostly shoot with my FUJIFILM XT2. In fast action, light environment, desire exposition, from single to continues shoot, I can adjust very fast the setting of my camera and in the same time I’m shooting or focusing in the environment. Meaning I can do many things in the same time because I do not need my eye and full attention for adjusting my setting. With The FUJIFLIM X-E3, I have to go in the menu or a short cut by the touchscreen it is simple for if you are doing a documentary and need to adjust your exposition in manual you could just miss the action you wanted to shoot.
  • No tilt screen, it is not a big deal for my photography, but for making video I really like to have one.

This is mainly my point of view, I’m sure people loves to shoot by just touching the screen as they can do with a smart phone.

On the Top of all the camera I like:

  • Light weight
  • Size / fits perfectly in my palm, take very tiny space in my bag
  • Design / beautiful curves, shape, details
  • Performance
  • The joystick / to choice your focusing point make it easy, fast and with precision

Also for people who do not have the basic  photography skills in terms of exposition, shutter speed and aperture, there is an Auto mode and the mode is extremely easy to active by the lever controller right on the top of the camera. It works very well.

Since I have the FUJIFILM X-E3, this camera is just my perfect partner for my daily use and will be by my side for more adventures.


Following my trip in Sri Lanka and South Korea, I went with the FUJIFILM Singapore Team and 2 FUJIFILM X-Photographers to Tokyo – Japan for the FUJIKINA 2017. And I had an amazing time there.

 Launch Event FUJIFILM X-E3 - Jose Jeuland Singapore

On 22 October, the Singapore launch event was held at  Le Méridien Singapore, Sentosa.
The launch event had two events targeting 1) media and 2) consumers and the public.
FUJIFILM did a presentation about the characteristic of this new camera as well as all the novelties.
Mindy Tan, Ron Lee and I had the opportunity to expose our pictures taken with the X-E3 and to share our experiences during this event.

FUJIFILM Singapore did an impressive setting at my exhibition area.
I really enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and the rest of the X-Photographer at the event.

Here are some of the few pictures taken by Shanthi:

[envira-gallery id=”4873″]



FUJIKINA Launch – Tokyo, Japan:

[envira-gallery id=”4893″]

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