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Photo restrictions followed by professional photographers in Singapore.

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Being a Professional Photographer in a country like Singapore is amazing and has a huge scope of earning. A Professional Photographer Singapore earns his complete income through photography, in other words making money by clicking pictures. The best photographer always focuses on providing the best client services by taking impressive pictures, capturing their greatest moments, and creating a memory for them. But certainly, every business has certain restrictions and so do Professional Photographers have on the photos they take and they need to follow them to grow and be loyal to the customers.

Professional photographer capturing pictures with all his legal documents

Legally registered photographer

Few important restrictions on photos to be followed by every Professional Photographer:
Altering of images:
What is considered as altering of images?
Making certain changes in the existing photos taken by different photographers and showcasing them as yours is considered as photo alteration, it may include:
• Editing the photos in Photoshop or similar applications that are clicked by different photographers.
• Removing the symbols, logos, or photographer’s studio names and adding them to your profile.
• Changing the photo from Color to Black & White or vice versa to make it look different.
• Changing the background or replacing the people or removing the inclusions from the image.
Legal protection/Copyrights:
You own the picture that you click or image ownership is known as copyright. If you want to use or upload the photos taken by different photographers, you need to take permission from them and give the credits or you will be held responsible for the damage of the copyright owner’s image and liable to pay the legal charges.
Type of image:
Any professional photographer will not agree to provide raw or original pictures to the clients. The images that customers get are after final touch-ups, they are edited and cropped. Any additional editing requirements by the clients will be chargeable such as adding names, quotes, etc.
Seek customer’s permission before using their pictures for promotion:
The photographer must ask the customers if their photos can be used for displays or can be uploaded to the company’s websites or on social media accounts for the promotion of photography skills to attract more customers. Clicking the pictures of unknown people in public without their permission can make them offended and would take legal actions to capture them and upload them on the sites. Taking pictures without asking is called copyright infringement as you are breaking the law.

Few important restrictions on photos to be followed by every Professional Photographer

no public photo without their permission

Setting up the business legally:
If you are earning through photography, you need to have a proper setup of the business and have it registered with a proper name. Select a name that is available and is not taken by another company. You should keep in mind not to violate any trademarks. You can select the type of business you want to set up, maybe sole proprietorship or partnership, and also get your tax permit.

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