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Hello to all you photographers out there! I believe that you guys would know the importance of having a good backdrop for your studio shoots that makes the photograph pop.

Though the subject is the main focus of the photograph, I believe that the background makes the composition of the entire photograph which hence plays a vital role in creating the mood, atmosphere and effect that brings out the photograph that you wish to portray.

I would like to share my first hand experience with the brand of backdrop that I use in my studio and that is none other than Gravity Backdrops.

A Little Background On Gravity Backdrops

Gravity Backdrops is based in Europe and they produce high quality, hand painted backdrops that are designed for photographers and videographers all around the world. These backdrops are used by a number of established photographers and celebrities are seen to have their portraits taken with these backdrops that Gravity Backdrops produces.

What Is So Special About Gravity Backdrops?

As a photographer, I appreciate uniqueness and authenticity and therefore I appreciate the fact that each backdrop that is produced by Gravity Backdrops is carefully and meticulously hand painted. No two designs are the same which makes it so special to each one of them. They are hand painted by experienced academic painters and these make it so perfect for portraitures as they bring out a touch of softness and atmospheric effect of the photograph.

Not to mention, they are made from premium quality Italian canvases which are made to last.

Who Should Use Them?

If you are a photographer or videographer who will like to use a backdrop that  has that unique charm, you may consider these backdrops for your photoshoots and studios. These one of a kind backdrops have various different textures that gives you a different feel, appearance and depth. You are able to choose the kind of texture depending on what is suitable for the mood and atmosphere you are going for. From low texture, to mid texture, to strong texture and distressed texture.

Gravity Backdrops even offer custom painted backdrops that is suited for each client’s needs and the price will be determined by the size of the backdrop. Sounds pretty reasonable, how awesome is that!

Fast & Efficient Production

Who likes waiting anyways? You know how the saying goes, time is money. Gravity backdrop do pride themselves with their quick turnaround time for their backdrop production. The backdrops are usually delivered within a week upon receiving your order and urgent backdrop requests can be accommodated as well! The shippings are fast and it is available everywhere in the world. Not forgetting that it comes well protected which is so important for the recipient receiving it. The backdrops are protected by a plastic film and inserted into a huge plastic tube.

Love how they find ways to meet the needs of their customers. This is why it has been a pleasure working with them as we share the same beliefs. Here at Coco Creative Studio, we do our utmost best to be flexible, accommodating and meeting the needs of our clients and customers.

Last but not least, Gravity Backdrops provide value for money. They are priced at reasonable prices with premium quality hand-painted canvas backdrops for 1/3 the cost.

The Backdrop Installations At My Photography Studio

I have a total of 4 Gravity backdrops at my photography studio and I have installed them in 2 different ways. For one of the Gravity Backdrops that I have in a deep blue shade, I have stapled it the wall and the other 3 Gravity Backdrops, I decided to have them in a support system. The support system is really simple to use and useful for switching swiftly between the different backdrops. It consists of wall mount support bracket hooks, sets of aluminum poles and adjustable chains.

If you would like to check out Gravity Backdrops, do visit their official website at

We are very pleased to extend a warm invitation to those who would like to have an experience with the Gravity Backdrop that we have at our studio, COCO Creative Studio at 277 Joo Chiat Rd. You may have a close-up look and feel of the backdrop before your first purchase with Gravity backdrop.

If you would like to have a chance to shoot with the Gravity Backdrops, do drop us an email at team@cococreativestudio or give us a call at 6909 7427 for bookings and inquiries. Our team of dedicated staff will be happy and ready to assist you.

Fujifilm Singapore will be using the Gravity Backdrops from my studio on the 29th and 30th November. It is for a Photography Workshop conducted by Photographer, Jan Gonzales.

Stay tuned to my next post! I will be posting portrait photographs that I have taken with Gravity Backdrops for my fine art printing collection.

Here is my very first post about the Gravity Backdrops:

And the video of our opening party for our Studio and office:


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