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Courses available to become a photographer in Singapore.

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Passionate about becoming a photographer Singapore? If you find yourself creative and skillful to capture pictures and able to make those pictures into beautiful artwork then consider yourself a special talent because photography is an art that is rarely found in people and you are looking to shape your career as Photographer then all you need to know how and from to start.

Nature photography clicked by perfect photographe

beautiful view from camera

Courses that will help you become a good photographer:
Foundation course or diploma: This course makes you enter the profession of photography. The course is designed to shape your identity as a photographer and also provides core information about photography to enhance your knowledge and skills in this specified profession. It also develops a strong understanding of the art of photography.
Basic course: The basic course of photography is to get to the bottom of photography, you will learn what shutter speed is, the basic composition of photography, what is ISO, how to prevent common beginner mistakes, and how to prevent noisy photos.
Advanced course: In this course, you will learn about more technical processes of photography like camera technics, light painting, light trails, lightroom software, portraiture, focus technics, understanding of lens compression, etc.
Wildlife Photography: The best part of photography is wildlife photography if you are quite interested in animals you must know what all it takes to capture the picture of beautiful creatures on this planet, such as what kind of camera and lenses are the best to click the picture in the field, how to freeze the action and keep focusing on objects that are moving, how to understand the behavior of the animal to get the perfect picture, how to take the portraits with a blurry background.

A professional wildlife photographer having fun with beautiful creatures as he is clicking pictures.

Wildlife photography

Fashion Photography: This photography profession has a huge demand in the market, in this course, you will learn how to form and shape a light creatively to describe a story, explore the new features of Photoshop, understand sitting and standing poses.
Wedding Photography: In this profession of photography lot of challenges are included as you don’t just have to take a picture but capture the memories. So you will learn many things in this course like Posing large and small groups, group shots, candid shots, bride posing, etc.
Commercial photography: Commercial photographer is someone who takes pictures of products, services, and employees for the company to promote their business. Learning in this course such as how to take micro shots, how to use photo manipulation, how to give interesting background, how to click hanging product shots, shooting from a strange angle, etc.
After completion of some of these courses, you will be considered as a professional photographer and ready to be hired by big clients and work for them.

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