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event photography aging singapore

Aging Singapore

For my latest photography exhibition, Aging Singapore, I wanted to display portraits of Singaporean elders and share their stories with the world. I engaged none other than Brilliant Prints to get the job done!

The exhibition venue was the Fullerton Hotel Singapore. Since it is such a famous location, the exhibition was going to be viewed by many important people. From high-profile individuals to tourists, many people were going to see the portraits.

As such, I needed to a reliable printer that could translate my pictures to canvas. Lucky for us, Brilliant Prints kindly offered their services for the exhibition at a discounted rate. Their prints are consistent and clear, so it was an easy decision.

Brilliant Prints

Brilliant Prints is a local company that provides printing services for professional photographers like myself. They also provide a wide range of different services that are photo printing related.

I have personally been a loyal customer of theirs for a long time, and they never disappoint! Their canvas prints are of excellent quality, and their service is efficient. I was sure that they would get the job done quickly and properly after previous good experiences. I then had more time to focus on other areas of preparation for the exhibition. My team and I worked much faster knowing that the printing was in good hands.

We really struck gold by getting Brilliant Prints on board for the exhibition!

large canvas prints aging singapore brilliant prints

Exhibition Prints

Brilliant Prints played a huge role in making Aging Singapore a success. Apart from printing the large canvases on display, we also got them to print many sale items, such as posters and fine art prints.

We gifted prints and canvases to Symrise perfumers and the elderly subjects themselves, all of which were printed by Brilliant Prints.

When I passed the prints to them, the joy on their faces said it all. They were all very pleased with the results and happy to receive such high-quality canvas prints from us. And we have Brilliant Prints to thank for that!

event photography aging Singapore prints
Jose posing with Ivy aging singapore Lions Befrienders

Thank You, Brilliant Prints!

Brilliant Prints is definitely one of the exhibition’s key contributors. Many may not have witnessed the effort and work that they have put in behind the scenes, but the prints at the exhibition are proof enough. From back and forth emails to delivery and collection, Brilliant Prints was involved every step of the way. They really went above and beyond to assist us, and I am extremely thankful for that.

I really do think that their printing was able to bring my pictures to life. I was impressed by how the final products looked. Seeing my pictures stretched across such large canvases was a huge honour, and the quality printing really brings out the best in my work.

Thank you once again to Brilliant Prints for making this possible. Without their help, we would not have been able to share these pictures and stories with you. I had a wonderful experience working together with them for this exhibition, and look forward to collaborating again soon!

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