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My new Manfrotto gears for 2019

Manfrotto gears jose jeuland photographer tripod camera bag

Manfrotto, a world leader in the photography industry, manufacturing gears, equipment and accessories in the industry for photography professionals. It is a brand that I simply trust and I use them for my commercial and documentary work.

In love with Manfrotto products

From backpacks to tripods and lighting equipment, I constantly catch myself adding on to my wishlist of photography gears every time I visit Manfrotto’s official website. I love that their brand is consistent in manufacturing amazing quality of products.

My past Manfrotto equipment

My backpack Pro Light camera backpack Bumblebee-220 (link:, Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 Carbon Fiber Tripod (link: & XPRO Ball Head in magnesium with 200PL plate MHXPRO-BHQ2 (link: are looking just as great as the first day I got them, fresh and brand new. This shows how durable the products are and easy to take care of. 

New Manfrotto gears for 2019!

Right before my trip to the Irrawaddy River in Burma, Myanmar, I received a few products from Manfrotto. The items include the Manfrotto Befree GT Professional Travel Tripod Kit Carbon, Pro Light Camera Messenger Bumblebee M-30 for DSLR and the LED Light Panel with a softbox.

Upon my return in Singapore, a pleasant surprise to have the various filters (UV, ND and Polarised) delivered at my studio. 

Since then I have been using all of them for different project and different country as: Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, Kumbh Mela in India, commercial work in Sri Lanka, various commercial photography in Singapore and one to one photography workshop in my studio COCO Creative Studio. So I really had the time to use all this new Manfrotto gears.

I will be doing a review for each Manfrotto product in the following blog posts. Stay tuned! 

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Fujifilm X-photographer, Jose Jeuland is a full-time photographer and a professional endurance athlete. Starting his career as a professional triathlete at the age of 25, Jose has been competing with other professional endurance athletes in the international platform for over 15 years. A man with an achievement streak and a globe-trotter in his own unique way, Jose has traversed through various countries, competing and winning in races held in various demanding conditions. Besides being an accomplished professional triathlete, photography is also one of his many passions in life. From the sprawling green fields of his native Brittany to the dense snarl of Colombo’s back alleys, Jose’s trips are never complete without his trusted camera as his companion. Storytelling – another innate ability Jose possesses – walks his audience through his travel journeys via photographs, each frame telling an intricate story of their own. A firm believer of hard work through dedication, Jose approaches his passion for photography with the same grit – capturing life’s fleeting moments and expressions through the lens of perseverance. Jose also finds happiness in backpacking and exploring the unknown facades of new cities with his camera and connecting with the locals to document different ways of living that reflects a divergence of cultures and wildlife. In between triathlon training and exploring places far off the beaten track, Jose is currently working to produce his first photography exhibition in Singapore in 2017. With avid art collectors in mind, he will also be releasing for sale limited edition print art with numbered certificates. Jose is a French National and is married with a Singaporean wife. He is based in Singapore.

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