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FUJIFILM Singapore Photography Workshop – Documentary Photography ” The art of storytelling “

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FUJIFILM Photography Workshop Singapore Jose Jeuland

Hi guys, finally I am able to share with you what went on at the FUJIFILM Photography Workshop that was held on 24th & 25th August 2018.

The two day workshop included a session at the FUJIFILM Studio and an outdoor session the next day at East Coast Park.

It was an enjoyable and memorable workshop session with a good mix of theory and practice. I got to share about the art of storytelling through documentary photography which I am so passionate about. Read on to find out more!

Session at the FUJIFILM Studio

The objective of this workshop was to teach on how you can create your very own photography series and how to develop in your story telling journey.

I shared various tips on how to evolve the thought process of your photo series, exploring various angles and framing styles.

A Vision For Success

At the start of day 2 outdoor session, I encouraged everyone to have 10-12 images in mind that they envision their photo series to include. I wanted to train them to build and plan a series in their heads before executing the entire photography process.

Starting with a vision will allow them to expand and think of different creative ideas from shooting to the editing style in the post production . Thereafter, being much more precise in their execution so they know what to focus on when shooting, be it portraiture or getting in on the action.

The Outdoor Session At East Coast Park

I had my friend Fiona on board to be the model for the outdoor session at East Coast Park. The reason why i chose her was because she’s a Triathlete and it will be great for everyone to shoot the different kinds of sports (running, cycling and swimming) that she does.

A shout out to Fiona for being accommodating and patient as I needed her to repeat her actions several times so that everyone may have the chance to capture her in motion. This will allow the photographers to practice more and trying out different framing, techniques and lenses to get the ideal shot.

A Nice Surprise

A bunch of free spirited kids were running around at an area close to where we were gathered. They were supervised by some adults and well taken care of with a table filled with a ton of food! From the looks of it, it seems like they may have over ordered the amount of food and it was really kind of them to offer the food to everyone of us.

You know how people say “food brings people together”, it was in fact true that day. Normally, after a workshop is over, everyone will disperse and be on their way to their daily life. However, on that day, everyone was gathered together at an empty table with the food that was graciously provided by the kind people. During our meal, everyone started sharing with one another the valuable things that they learned and took away from the workshop session. I had the chance to view their photographs, reviewing and critiquing their work.

Friendships were forged and memories were created. Overall, it was a great and memorable session for me and I believe it was for all the participants as well.

Don’t worry if you felt that you have missed out on it, I will be conducting a masterclass workshop at the Asian Geographic Images of Asia Photography Competition on 24 and 25 Nov 2018. More details will be posted on my blog soon, do keep a look out for it!

Thank you Jere for the colourful pictures and thank you Fiona for modelling for us.


Here are my photographs for this session I choose to have all in Monochrome, using FUJIFILM XT2 and FUJIFILM XE3 cameras body and for the lenses it was 16-55mm zoom and the 90mm FUJIFON:


Twitter: @josejeuland


Fujifilm X-photographer, Jose Jeuland is a full-time photographer and a professional endurance athlete. Starting his career as a professional triathlete at the age of 25, Jose has been competing with other professional endurance athletes in the international platform for over 15 years. A man with an achievement streak and a globe-trotter in his own unique way, Jose has traversed through various countries, competing and winning in races held in various demanding conditions. Besides being an accomplished professional triathlete, photography is also one of his many passions in life. From the sprawling green fields of his native Brittany to the dense snarl of Colombo’s back alleys, Jose’s trips are never complete without his trusted camera as his companion. Storytelling – another innate ability Jose possesses – walks his audience through his travel journeys via photographs, each frame telling an intricate story of their own. A firm believer of hard work through dedication, Jose approaches his passion for photography with the same grit – capturing life’s fleeting moments and expressions through the lens of perseverance. Jose also finds happiness in backpacking and exploring the unknown facades of new cities with his camera and connecting with the locals to document different ways of living that reflects a divergence of cultures and wildlife. In between triathlon training and exploring places far off the beaten track, Jose is currently working to produce his first photography exhibition in Singapore in 2017. With avid art collectors in mind, he will also be releasing for sale limited edition print art with numbered certificates. Jose is a French National and is married with a Singaporean wife. He is based in Singapore.

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